The BeFirst Social Media Group Brings Progress & Success to Your Door


The BeFirst Social Media Group Brings Progress & Success to Your Door


Leonardo DaVinci…Houdini…Mark Twain – these are the names of innovators who were found to be the ‘best’ at what they did; they delivered knowledge, illumination and sheer amazement to the masses. Well, when it comes to the social media realm, it is the team at BeFirst Media Group that people are coming to know and love.


When it comes to BeFirst the name says it all. With their in-depth work, they are able to make all new businesses, expanding franchises and ‘old’ favorites that need a revamping – become the ‘buzz’ across the Internet. They do this by going much further than the rest. Yes, they build your brand, but they offer the complete ‘package’ by managing and monitoring the brand so that your entire company image is beyond stellar.


Social media is an avenue that one and all are taking; it is also it’s own industry, with company’s promising to make your brand into the next Coca-Cola. But social media is not all there is to success – even in 2013. Public relations has to also be provided logo6518816_mdin order to create a relationship and develop content that is not only relevant the ‘day’ it’s posted but relevant to the audience that is being built for your company. This combination makes sure that you are far ahead of your competition because you, and you only, are unique in your industry.


Publish. Engage. Get Noticed. All of these tasks BeFirst takes on with fervor, allowing their clients to have the highest-quality content regarding their company, brand, product, etcetera, syndicated for millions of readers to view. Today, BeFirst reaches over 20 million monthly viewers and followers in social channels that exceed 10 million.


Award-winning writers with diverse backgrounds provide the content that reflects your brand’s voice, while the PR department develops solutions to all issues and puts together marketing campaigns that are beyond innovative.


The BeFirst Media Group connects you and your company with an audience, making sure your brand is heard and seen all across the Internet, bringing clients and prospects directly back to your website. They have developed systems to increase your rankings on a variety of search engines, knowing full well that the traditional marketing approaches simply don’t work anymore.


With constantly changing networks and a social media ‘realm’ that transforms by the hour, BeFirst knows that online marketing efforts need to be monitored at all times. They make sure that all members of their ‘team’ work to captivate your audience by producing and strategically distributing  the right content – to the right people – in the right places!


Expanding you online footprint is a necessity, it is also exactly what BeFirst Media Group does through content generation and marketing. The ‘team’ increases your brand value and creates a sustainable presence on the Web. They help you become more relevant by being more intriguing to the client. The editorial team delivers everything from third-party reviews to case studies, videos, compelling product images, etc., and helps you identify the types of content that are the most appealing.


And all that is thought about, at all times, is your product and your audience. When it comes to the Content Auto Feed, a Widget code is inserted into your site so you automatically receive relevant, search engine optimized content. The extensive BeFirst content library provides access to fresh content posted to your website daily. And when it comes to the distribution of said content, your company’s data, information and more, is spread across more than fifty network news and affiliate websites, creating trackable URLs for every article posted. Content is then pushed out to the BeFirst social network, causing re-tweets, re-publishing and shares across the entire media spectrum.


This is your online footprint. This is your company’s chance to absolutely and 100% shine. By using the extreme talent, knowledge and creativity that BeFirst provides, your company will be among the ‘best of the best!’


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