Tan with the Stars!


Hollywood is dedicated to the life and careers of the “stars!” In this location, fans and tourists are offered a chance to see the rich estates, tour the museums, and walk the red carpet of the Kodak Theatre, as if they are up for the Oscar and rubbing elbows with the greats! Hollywood allows tourists to ride through the Hollywood Hills and glance at

the mansions, where they can become almost giddy by being one step away from the actors and actresses that entertain one and all on the big screen.


What else does Hollywood offer? Let’s just say that there is a franchise which is a truly stunning place to visit called, The TAN Company. Here, inside the amazing building, is a place where each and every visitor can receive the tan that they want – a beautiful and healthy way to ‘fit in’ with the Hollywood brilliance, and also have the ability to become a part of a franchise that is growing bigger and bigger by the day.


Heading into Hollywood on vacation you feel a certain sense of luxury as you fill your days with attractions and places that will entertain each and every one of us. But as I ‘stumbled’ across the TAN Company as a visitor, I not only felt as if I was being given “5 star” service, but I also felt as if I was one of those fancy stars who live the ‘once upon a time’ existence.


It was back in February of 1994 that a St. Louis native by the name of Todd Beckman started his career with two average sized salons. Providing multiple levels of tanning at an affordable price soon became an instant success for the tanning industry, and franchises began to open across the country.


We are talking new and innovative tanning concepts that resulted in record sales, and the growth of the brand quickly evolved and expanded outside of the St. Louis market – becoming the ultimate franchise referred to as, The TAN Company.


Throughout the time of this growth, Todd Beckman used his passion and dedication to provide guests with those “5 Star” tanning facilities, world-class skin care products and the cleanest tanning environment in the country. With equipment continually changing and skin care products improving every year, The TAN Company has made sure that they remain experts in the field so that they can satisfy all the desires of current and future tanners.


Whether signing up for Hollywood tours, or simply walking among those stars – past and present – The TAN Company in Hollywood is yet another place that brings the essence of stardom to one and all. Walking through the doors is like walking into a new world – a location that makes you feel as if you are one of the elite.


More and more people are realizing that owning a TAN Company – becoming a  franchise of the industry – offers valuable benefits. Not only does the TAN Company monitor new trends, but they continually test new products, and keep people aware of the smallest details in order to build a clientele and ensure the franchises’ success.


The entire corporate team of the TAN Company are constantly looking for ways to improve. And the team members who started in the tanning salons, work diligently in the franchises to achieve absolute perfection.


What many people don’t realize is that tanning is not done to simply look or feel better about oneself. In fact, there are both physiological and psychological reasons to tan. Whether it be to obtain the cosmetic value of darker skin which, in turn, may heighten a person’s mood or self-esteem; or, to using the tanning world for medical reasons, such as psoriasis, tanning is a much-needed source of the healthcare industry.


Light is essential to life, and without light we could not survive. Being a part of The TAN Company in Hollywood is much like the actor taking the stage and standing under the spotlight. Thus…YOU have the same element of beauty that the ‘stars’ claim.


So as you strut down the Hollywood Walk of Fame and take a gander at the more than  2,400 five-pointed terrazzo and brass stars embedded in the sidewalks, you can see the public monuments dedicated to people who have made the ultimate achievement in the entertainment industry; from actors, musicians, directors, producers, musical and theatrical groups, fictional characters, and more!


And while taking all your photos of the Chinese Theatre, the stars’ homes, and the absolute hub of movies and television, you can then head into The TAN Company, sit back, relax, and be treated like a ‘star!’


For more information head to:


Hollywood Location:

1016 N. Cole Ave. @ Santa Monica Blvd.

Hollywood, California 90038

(323) 462-7012


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