Have Your “Fun in the Sun!”

But play it safe with broad-spectrum sunscreen

Nerium International Offers Unique Opportunities

by Betsy Smith Nerium International offers unique opportunities to Brand Partners who dream of owning their own business! Looking for a way to earn extra income? Nerium has it all! Join Nerium and immediately you have access to amazing training that can be done at your convenience from your very own website. But one question […]

This Is The Real Pyramid Scheme. Corporate America.

This Is The Real Pyramid Scheme.  Corporate America. Check out this “pyramid” and you will see corporate structure, one that keeps the workers at the bottom and the bosses at the top.  Have you ever wanted to break free from that?   Relationship marketing may be your answer.  I have been in the industry for […]

Where’s the Money?

  Did you know: The combined Boomer/Senior consumer population tops 117 million and has an annual spending power of more than $2 Trillion. Roughly 1 in 4 consumers is a Boomer. 46% of leading edge Boomers and Seniors have a net worth exceeding $2 million These are people who love their youth, and they are […]

Botox and Fillers?

Botox and Fillers? …No!  Just Nerium AD! Who needs all those painful, expensive and time consuming anti-aging products?  Turns out that no one does anymore.  Nerium AD to the rescue.   This one step product that is simply applied at night is working wonders.  And is catching the attention of some big names too. Marilyn Diamond, […]

New MLM Turns the Industry Upside-Down With GUARANTEE!

  by Betsy Smith Since when does a company GUARANTEE your success?  Now Nerium International does just that.  Nerium just launched its program where if you do not make at LEAST $5,000 in your first year they will make up the difference.  That is how confident the founders are that this works!   Nerium has […]

Ever Been In The Right Place At The Right Time?

by Betsy Smith  They say that timing is everything.  And “they” may be right.  I guess we all have those opportunities that when we look back and say, “I wish I had” about something.  That chance to buy Apple or Google stock on day one. For me it was when, as a child in grade […]

I’m Ready For My Close-Up

I’m Ready For My Close-Up   The latest data when it comes to the field of skincare as well as cosmetics is the fact that the ‘facial’ trend is growing by leaps and bounds. More and more women AND men are coming to understand that healthy skin is just as important as having a healthy […]

The Most Popular ‘Resolution’ is Xist Fitness!

More and more comments and questions are rolling in every time we speak about the incredible franchise called Xist Fitness. Not only that, but excitement keeps building about the fact that there’s finally a gym that will offer the best in equipment, staff and calming surroundings that will make us all actually WANT to become […]