Eyes in the Sky

Offshore fishing is as popular as ever and with the advent of larger, more seaworthy outboard-powered boats, the desire to catch tuna, billfish, sharks, kingfish and other pelagic species of gamefish will likely continue to grow.

Studying the B.R.A.I.N Without Bringing Pain

  Studying the B.R.A.I.N Without Bringing Pain to the Creatures of the Deep!   The brain is once again in the news. An interesting study has been announced that will begin in 2014 (a  $100 million dollar study that has some people up in arms about how the money could, perhaps, be better spent). This […]

Sand Sculpting Championship on Siesta key

This last weekend was exciting on the number 1 rated beach in a America.  Sand Sculpting at its best.   We will be placing several photo essay’s here over the next couple of days to bring you all of the carving at there best.                       […]