This Week In St. Augustine and Ponte Vedra!

  June 12, 2017  Thursday, July 6 Throwback Thursday: Bewitched at the Corazon Cinema and Cafe Thinking he can overshadow an unknown actress in the part, an egocentric actor unknowingly gets a witch cast in an upcoming television remake of the classic sitcom Bewitched. This film is showing at the Corazon Cinema and Cafe at noon. The cost […]

This Week in St. Augustine & Ponte Vedra

    April 28, 2014 Monday – Sunday : April 28 – May 4 Islands of Lemurs: Madagascar at IMAX Theater  – “Island of Lemurs: Madagascar” opens at The IMAX Theatre at World Golf Hall of Fame. This film takes audiences on a journey to the remote island of Madagascar to explore the diverse species […]

For Better Health, Get the Leash

For Better Health, Get the Leash ~ ZZ Troutski Everyone already knows that their dog is the best friend they could possibly have. They stand by your side, love you unconditionally, and even provide outdoor lovers with all kinds of fun things to do all year long.   Whether it be the hunting dog who […]

Killer Episodes

Jace Bauserman Ensuring family legacies, traditions and good old fashioned family fun is His & Hers Outdoors TV. Honestly, it’s hard not to enjoy watching their show. This team exhales a breath of fresh air into outdoor television providing a true family-oriented approach. If you haven’t caught an episode either on the air or on […]

Want Quality Outdoor Television? His & Hers Outdoors is the Answer

Jace Bauserman The popularity of outdoor television has exploded. It seems every quarter a new show or two arrives on the scene. The question: How many of these shows truly provide an interesting, entertaining and fresh approach? Sadly, not many. Most are a wash—here one minute and gone the next. Notice I said most. One […]

Don’t Guide the Guide

You don’t know his terrain. You don’t know his animal herd. You don’t know his food sources. You don’t know his weather. So… Don’t guide the guide By John E. Phillips Hunters who go on guided hunts and tell guides where they need to be hunting are just like a patient who see a doctor […]

Bottlenose Dolphins are Helping Fisherman

  The latest news for the hunting and fishing community is a whole lot of fun, with a bit of the Spielberg sci-fi thrown in for good measure. It seems that ‘Flipper’ is doing his very best to help fishermen out by bringing their catch straight to their door. (Well…boat, actually. Even ‘Flipper’ isn’t that […]

How Hunting Tradition Is Part of Sporting Realm

  No, we’re not about to break into song here, although Fiddler on the Roof has touched many hearts over time. No. what we are talking about is hunting tradition, and how ‘tradition’ is a very important part of the whole sporting realm. North America certainly has its own traditions when it comes to everything […]

A New Addition to Our Staff

  September 21, 2009 I could barely move. Every muscle fiber of my body screamed in pain and anchored me to my mattress. Not even my eyes would open, breathing felt like a chore. The aching pain which held me in tortured captivity, streaked through my body with every movement as I tried to lift […]

Pheasant…Turkey… Forget “Grease” – It’s the “Bird” That’s the Word!

Pheasant…Turkey… Forget “Grease” – It’s the “Bird” That’s the Word!   If a vote was taken in households across the country, the favorite moment of Thanksgiving would probably end up to be a tie between the presentation of the turkey, and the ‘favorite’ football team who won the game. Of course, with football you only […]