Millennials Struggle with the Theory of Hard Work

With the political fight that’s occurring out there, the theory of what hard work really means is a subject of discussion

Waiting For Your Microsoft Moment

  by Betsy Smith Nerium International at less than two years old is already in huge momentum!  Jeff Olson, CEO, Dennis Windsor, President and the other founders are doing everything right.  Posting $100 million in sales in their first full year is testament to that. Being in the HOT beauty space and more specifically in […]

WOW 1 DAY! Painting – Delving into the Next Big Thing

  Fortune Magazine is certainly a name that’s familiar to one and all. This is also the magazine that spotlighted a company brand that everyone has come to know, from Canada to North America to Australia – “1-800-Got-Junk?” Then there’s Inc. Magazine, which made sure the world knew about the huge innovation that appeared in […]

In This Fast-Paced World There is Still One Way to be ‘WOW’d’!

  In This Fast-Paced World There is Still One Way to be ‘WOW’d’!   When speaking about WOW 1 DAY! Painting, ‘WOW’ is the keyword. In this fast-paced, technologically savvy world, the ‘time’ element is something everyone thinks about. Rushing from job to home, taking the kids to practice, paying the bills – everything in […]