Cops Like Giving Tickets & I Give Advice

  Cops Like Giving Tickets & I Give Advice   I’m Will Roberts and this is the Daily Scream, Ahhh, here we go! Well, folks today I want to take you down to memory lane. I had something happen yesterday, and I want you all to experience the same outcome I did. Now this has […]

Florida Man Calls 911 To Make His Wife Go To Bed

“A Florida man serving a 60-day jail sentence for misuse of 911 called the emergency line because his wife would not leave him alone to check his Facebook. The Pasco County Sheriff`s Office said Doyle Hardwick, who began serving his sentence Tuesday, called 911 on Sept. 24 and told the dispatcher his wife refused to […]

Dollar Bill’s Corner: 30 Can Gary

February 5, 2009 – Down in Miami, a friend of mine, known as 30 Can Gary for the amount of beer he drank every day, decided that times were getting tougher – work was nonexistent even for a cement finisher – and it was time to steal beer. He did. For a long time. For […]