Triple G May Just be the New KO King in Boxing


  Triple G May Just be the New KO King in Boxing   We have come to midyear; the first part of the boxing season is over and to sum up…Triple G has literally raced away from the pack to show the world that he may just be the next KO King to take the […]

The Final Bell Resounds as an Elite Man and an Elite Boxer Passes On


Johnny Tapia…this is not a new name – and it is certainly a name that has been plagued by some extremely ominous and eerie issues throughout his lifetime. The ominous is now over, because yesterday in his Albuquerque, New Mexico home, Johnny was found dead.   I know there are some out there who are […]

Judyth Piazza Goes The Distance with ‘Classy’ Chris Gray

Judyth Piazza chats with ‘Classy’ Chris Gray, Sweet Science Training Center, Vero Beach, Florida on The American Perspective Radio Program. (Click here to listen) ‘Classy’ Chris Gray is a spiritual warrior both figuratively and literally. A stanch family man, Chris has built a foundation of success on hard work and love for both family and […]