Synergy Worldwide A Truly Fantastic Company Offering a Stellar Career Path!

Synergy Worldwide

A Truly Fantastic Company Offering a Stellar Career Path!

Readers, for the last few weeks we have been covering the world of Synergy Worldwide, and their amazing products – including the incomparable ProArgi-9 Plus.  This week, we have come to the conclusion of our in-depth overview of this fantastic company, their products, and the amazing career path that they are offering to the world during this rough-and-tumble economy.

As a wrap-up, this writer wants to make sure that every detail is completely infused in your mind, considering there is a large chance that YOU will soon become part of the Synergy Worldwide team.  Just to reiterate, a truly amazing product that is actually being touted in some areas of life and business as a true “miracle,” ProArgi-9 Plus is a name that you will hearing a great deal of in the near future.  This product is actually created on the foundation of a Nobel Prize winner by the name of, Dr. Ignarro, who found a ‘miracle molecule’ inside the human body.  This man discovered that nitric oxide can prevent or even reverse heart disease and strokes.  And, after years of research, ProArgi-9 Plus was created to do just that; a dietary supplement that will, literally, help all of us live longer, healthier lives.

This is a tension-filled, stressed world that is causing some seriously frightening statistics, with over eighty million Americans being found to have cardiovascular disease (CDV), the leading cause of death in America, claiming more lives than cancer, respiratory disease, accidents, and diabetes combined.

Synergy Worldwide is a company that took statistics like this to heart, and has been expanding around the globe as a company that caresSynergy then caught the eye of the herbal-health GIANT, Nature’s Sunshine.  In 2000, Synergy joined forces with this well-known company, and they have expanded into over twenty countries, fulfilling their mission to leave behind a legacy of offering the highest quality, scientifically proven products; providing financial freedom through innovative business opportunities; and, establishing a culture of generosity and service to others.
ProArgi-9 Plus is just one of the many products that Synergy sells to the public as well as health-care professionals, and they have become so well-liked, and have formed such a solid reputation, that Synergy Worldwide is putting together an outside sales team to make sure that every person, health care individual, and doctor’s office has the Synergy Worldwide products on tap! 

Just this past week we spoke to a woman by the name of Betsy Smith.  This is not only a woman who knows her business, but she is also a woman who has unleashed the news that Synergy Worldwide has become THE place to have a stellar career.  In fact, Betsy has stated that there has never been a better time to join this industry.  She went on to explain that “…even the Wall Street Journal just had a special segment on Direct Selling and Network Marketing. There are a lot of options out there, but I’m especially excited about Synergy for two reasons:  Timing and First to Market.”

Now, readers, these are two very important terms that you should know backwards and forwards.  As far as Timing is concerned:  Synergy did $92mm in sales last year and statistically, in direct selling companies, massive growth hits right around that sales level.  The AVERAGE company goes from $50 million to $500 million in just three years.  One company even went from $50 million to $800 million in just eighteen months.

The stunning growth that Betsy spoke about is mostly due to the other term, First to Market.  This means you have a product that most people don’t even know about.  There are over 200,000 scientific studies and publications about the power and effectiveness of L-Arginine (the main ingredient in ProArgi-9 Plus) and yet most people hadn’t even heard of it…until nowSynergy Worldwide has a first to market product based on massive amounts of science!  In fact, Betsy told readers the story of one of her doctor friends who had a patient whose blood pressure was over 170, while he was sitting in his office.  What the doctor didn’t do was try to sell the patient million dollar x-rays or scare him to death.  Instead, he simply had his patient mix up some ProArgi-9 Plus, drink it, and in fifteen minutes his blood pressure had dropped 20 points!  There are so many stories like this one, was why Betsy was so excited to spread the word about this first to market powerful product.  And they have a 100% 90-day money back guarantee!

There is definitely a huge career opportunity out there right now with Synergy Worldwide, and all you have to do is head straight to the website and begin your path into a career that will not only bring much-needed paychecks, but also bring the incredible feeling of being able to help others who are in need.

The backing and quality control in place with Synergy Worldwide and its parent company Nature’s Sunshine (NATR) are unsurpassed.  In fact, even in this down market, their stock has been absolutely soaring! Even Betsy was able to speak about other products that she, herself, has been taking.  She spoke about being an ardent user of a product called SOUL for over two years, and she loves how it keeps her young.  “Even though I’m old enough to have adult kids, I can play tennis for 3-4 hours with no aches or pains.”  There is also a product in Betsy’s house called RUSH, which is a great ‘pick me up’ that is true and utter “brain food.”  With only fourteen calories, RUSH curbs her afternoon munchies completely.  These are products that are ‘must-haves’ in this world of bad food, awful diets, and loss of vitality and energy.  And, now, being able to join Betsy Smith as she brings these incredible products to each and every person out there, is a truly incredible opportunity.

As a team member, you are a part of a whole program that Synergy Worldwide has specialized for doctors where they can use a machine called the MAX PULSE with their patients in order to measure the cardio system.  When using the Synergy products with the 100% guarantee that Synergy provides, all doctors can make from $1500 to $2500 a day with a guaranteed product.  Synergy even refunds the shipping and tax!  Doctors love that, as it takes a lot of the risk from them.  The site for doctors is, and the four-minute video under MAX PULSE explains it all.

Additionally, as a team member you will also market to fitness centers, trainers, extreme and casual athletes, and people who are simply wanting to change their lives and improve their health. And remember, this is not a distributorship.  Working for Synergy Worldwide is an exciting and proven career path.

Betsy Smith knows of absolutely no people who have had bad experiences with Synergy Worldwide, especially seeing as that there is that 100% money back guarantee for your business that no one else provides.  So, by becoming a team member, there is NO risk to start.  There are no meetings where you corner your friends and spring it on them, and it’s already known that it takes twenty-one days to start a ‘habit’ with these much-needed products.

The Synergy system is simple.  A new team member simply contacts one person a day for twenty-one days and has them watch a short video.  For an amazing example of this, simply go to Betsy’s: Then all you do is ask someone, “Do you know anyone who could use that?”  Some, if not many of the twenty-one people, will say ‘yes’ automatically and then you walk them through the Synergy system, and get them on the product.  When they’re happy customers they tell their friends!  Which means, quite frankly, that the business and the products practically sell themselves.

Synergy pays out 55% of all commissionable sales each and every month to people who sign up to be team members.  And, when YOU sign up, the membership includes having the ability to purchase and resell products; the potential to earn applicable commissions; receive support materials that include the Synergy Starter Kit; a quarterly subscription to Synergy’s Leave a Legacy magazine; and, free access to Business Manager, Synergy’s standard back-office support tools.

The amazing thing is, if you wanted to buy a franchise you would have to invest hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of dollars.  With Synergy, it’s less than $25 for the distributorship and the rest is an investment in product.  You can get started for less than $200.  Again, with the 90-day guarantee!

Also your business comes with your own SUCCESS TEAM MENTORS.  They work for you!  Not like in corporate America where you work for them.  These individuals will mentor and help you be successful, if that’s what you truly want and are willing to take some simple steps to follow the system.  And the top earners in the company will work for you as well!

In the end, discovering Synergy Worldwide and their wealth of products is ‘gift’ enough.  But to then add on a career opportunity that is beyond exciting, turns this opportunity from a ‘gift’ into a true ‘treasure!’

Become a Synergy Worldwide team member today!

For more information Go NOW to:


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