St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners Regular Meeting: Items from the October 1, 2013



Highlighted Action Items from the October 1, 2013
St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners Regular Meeting:
? Recognition – The Board recognized the St. Johns County School District’s Career Academies Summer Intern
2013 participants
? Proclamations
• The Board proclaimed October 2013 as Domestic Violence Awareness Month
• The Board proclaimed October 2013 as the 20th Anniversary of the Ponte Vedra Beach Branch LibrarySt_Johns_County1.png
• The Board proclaimed October 4, 2013, as Florida Manufacturing Day
• The Board proclaimed October 7-11, 2013, as Vicar’s Landing Week recognizing their 25th Anniversary
? Regular Agenda Item One – Public Hearing: VBTCNZV 2013-01 Puccini’s Pizza
St. Johns County staff presented a request for seven Non-Zoning Variances to portions of Land Development
Code Part 3.10.00, Vilano Beach Town Center Overlay District, to allow the construction of a 5,000 square foot
restaurant. The project is located at the southern corner of Poplar Avenue and Ava Way in the Vilano Beach
Town Center. Staff finds the request for Vilano Beach Town Center Non-Zoning Variances to portions of Part
3.10.00 of the Land Development Code substantially meets the requirements of the Comprehensive Plan and
the LDC. The Board unanimously approved the motion VBTCNZV 2013-01 for the non-zoning variance requests
1, 2, 5, 6, and 7 based on findings of fact 1-6, and subject to suggested conditions 1-5, and additionally approved
a motion to the non-zoning variance requests 3 and 4 under an administrative capacity.
? Regular Agenda Item Two – Compressed Natural Gas Program
St. Johns County staff presented the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Program as a proposed alternative fuel
source for a portion of the County’s vehicle fleet. The County plans to expand its partnership with the North
Florida Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) and secure grant funding on its “CNG Vehicle Conversion
Initiative.” The Board unanimously approved a motion to authorize the County Administrator or his designee to
prepare a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the North Florida TPO for use of available grant funds
from its CNG Vehicle Conversion Initiative program and begin taking all necessary steps to convert a portion of
the County fleet to CNG.

? Regular Agenda Item Three – Appointment to the NE Florida Regional Transportation Commission
The Board unanimously approved a motion to appoint Commissioner Rachael Bennett to the Northeast Florida Regional Transportation Commission for a term selected at the first meeting of the governing board in accordance with F.S. 343.1003(1)(a). The appointment was recommended to ensure St. Johns County’s transportation goals are connected as a whole to the region’s improved mobility and multimodal transportation options for persons and freight.
? Regular Agenda Item Four – Home Again St. Johns Fee Waiver Request
Home Again St. Johns requires a rezoning and special use permit. Estimated fees include advertising. The Board unanimously approved a motion to approve the waiver of fees for Home Again St. Johns in the amount of approximately $3,300 in order to proceed with development of a homeless services center. Following this approval, construction plans, building permit fees, and impact fees will follow.
? County Commissioner’s Report – Letter of Request Regarding Conservation Land in NE Florida
Commissioner Cyndi Stevenson requested that the Board Chairman send a letter to the Legislative Delegation and the Acquisition and Restoration Council of Northeast Florida requesting they hold a meeting in Northeast Florida as they review a repurpose of funding to buy conservation land. The Board reached a consensus for this action.
? County Commissioner’s Report – Nocatee Fire Station
Commissioner Jay Morris made a motion to enter an agreement with the PARC Group regarding funding for a new fire station in Nocatee. The motion was unanimously approved.


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