St. Augustine’s Judyth Piazza aka “The Italian Oprah” Appears with Clint Eastwood and Ted Kennedy…


By Chase Von, author, poet, publisher

I have been many things in my life. A US Marine, a soldier and air traffic controller in the US Army, a human service assistant in a mental facility, a correctional officer and in my younger days, even a newspaper deliverer and that`s just mentioning a few of the things I`ve been.

But in my heart of hearts, since the desire to pen things engulfed me, I`ve always considered myself a writer. Writing can be a lonely profession, but I`ve been fortunate that many of the things I`ve done have exposed me to things that give me a better understanding of life itself and subjects to write about. And because of the military I`ve been able to travel to places most people have only dreamed about.

Dreams of being a famous writer are things I still entertain but I don`t write to be famous. I write because it is in me to write, and no matter what other labels life or my choices in life might bestow upon me, writing is in me, a part of me and something I will always do as long as I`m inspired.

Speaking of dreams, I met an amazing man named Willard Barth and we became friends. He introduced me to Judyth Piazza and we became great friends, as well, and guess what? Judyth is the creator and founder of the Student Operated Press and she invited me to write for her. A no-brainer for me! So here I am, no longer just writing alone in some room and sharing those in my books, I`m writing for an on-line newspaper and others are seeing it immediately after, when I decide to share it there.

I`m also reading other writers, encouraging others with writing and getting a chance to interview those who are in the creative professions as well.

For a writer, these are the things their dreams are made of, but it gets better! One of the people I interviewed dropped another gold nugget in my path: just a few words and to be honest, I`d thought about it myself before, but sometimes it takes someone else saying something to really make it take hold.

Chase, why don`t you put your interviews in a book?”

I marinated on it a bit, before I took interviews and started pasting them into a word document. Then I went to the various websites of the truly amazing people I`d interviewed and added in some pictures.

(I have a three-book box set my wife bought me by Canon Business at Home Office Products, that contains a thesaurus, a regular dictionary and a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms, but I really didn`t need any of that to describe my actual feelings when I really looked at it.)

To sum that one up…quite simply:


I then shared it with Betty Dravis. The author who had suggested I do a book of my interviews to begin with, rekindling the thought I myself had had, and figuring that fortune favors the bold, I asked her: “Would you like to include your interviews in this, as well?”

Imagine my surprise when she graciously accepted!

(Betty has interviewed a number of truly remarkable people who are all household names: Clint Eastwood, Ann Sothern, Ted Kennedy, Jane Russell, Tanya Tucker and many more. She shares those in Dream Reachers, but is saving some of the others should we do a Dream Reachers Two and maybe even a Three.)

Well, dreams do come true, folks!

And there are so many remarkable people in this book that I`m floored “and so many of them also have people that they admire and look up to, as well!

Bestselling author Dean Koontz is one of the ones that is highly admired! And Judyth Piazza recently interviewed him!  (Coming soon, is what I`ve been told.)

In addition to the forty high-achievers featured, also mentioned in Dream Reachers are Don Johnson, Val Kilmer, Will Smith, Mariah Carey, Blair Underwood, Sade, Maxwell, Lucille Ball, Chris Rock, Stevie Wonder, Stephen King, Madonna, James Earl Jones, Wayne Dyer, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Bob Proctor and Larry Wilson, Anthony Hopkins, Lawrence Fishbourne, Alecia Keys, Maya Angelou, Al Pacino, Michael Jackson, Prince, Robert Dinero and really, too many to name!

Of the Dream Reachers featured in the book, can you guess which ones were inspired by one or more of the above? And which one met her husband, indirectly, through Michael Jackson? For the answers, you will have to read Dream Reachers!

Some of our featured artists have even worked with them!

And there are also people who write, contribute, mentor and inspire others at the Student Operated Press that are also mentioned, like John Basedow, world-famous fitness expert; Djelloul (Del) Marbrook, an intellectual with few equals and the former chief editor for a few of this country`s top-notch newspapers; Deremiah *CPE mentor/columnist, inspirational

speaker and motivator; Simon T. Bailey, mentor/columnist; mentor/columnist; Dr. Christina Bautista, MD (MA).


Dream Reachers has a little bit of everything in it, but what amazes me most is that it, too, was once just a dreaml!

So go after whatever it is that is your passion! If you take the time to do what most inspires you, it will happen, as Dream Reacher Shannon Grissom so eloquently puts it:

“The only failure is in not following your dreams. There is always a way!  And the way will be shown to you once you begin, and it`s up to you to move toward it.                          Don`t ever give up!”

– Shannon Grissom, Artist, Singer, Songwriter, TV Host

You might have to take `Baby Steps` at first, but go in the direction that your dreams lie in, because you can`t ever know when the path will open up and shower you with that which you most desire. And also, as Jack Canfield has repeatedly said in so many different ways: Take interest in what others do, as well.

I am truly interested in all the people I`ve been fortunate enough to interview and also in those I meet in life in general. If it weren`t in my makeup to care about what others do, there wouldn`t be a book called Dream Reachers.

With best wishes to all.

And a `Happy Fathers Day` to all the fathers!

Chase Von


Editorial Reviews:


“I told Chase Von he was one in a million years ago! Now I have to say Betty Dravis is one in a million, as well! Dream Reachers rocks!”- Kim Kline, LA Music Awards Best Vocalist, Best New Top 40 Artist 2007, Hollywood Fame Awards Best Female Vocalist, amazing self-titled CD: Kim Kline, which includes groundbreaking hits, Inside, Sick Reality and Disagree


“Dream Reachers is the perfect title for this inspiring book featuring new entertainers and famous icons like Clint Eastwood and Jane Russell. Without reaching for their dreams, none would be living them…. A unique literary achievement.”- Frank Nappi, best-selling author of The Legend of Mickey Tussler and Echoes from the Infantry


“Fascinating Interviews: Betty Dravis with Clint Eastwood and Jane Russell! Chase Von with Jenny McShane and Shawn Richardz! The stuff “Dreams` are made of.”- Christy Tillery French, author of The Bodyguard series



“The interviews are enlightening, but it`s the dual writers` stories of preparation, excitement and nervousness in meeting the celebrities that make this an oh-so-fun read. And who wouldn`t be nervous interviewing `Dirty Harry?`”- Paul Kyriazi, Hollywood movie director, audio book producer, author and “James Bond” motivational speaker


“I`ve always believed in myself, regardless of what others might have said to discourage me, though I will admit, sometimes it`s been hard. But I kept going! All these people share that in common, as well!”- Lisa Lavie, YouTube sensation, with over one million views in just sixty hours for her video Angel. Hailed as the best singer to come along since Mariah Carey. New CD, Everything Or Nothing.


“Dream Reachers is an exceptional read. Chase Von and Betty Dravis have outdone themselves with this insightful look into the lives of those that have gone out and done what many of us are doing ourselves, which is `reach for our dreams.` Kudos to you both and much success.”- Brian O`Neal, pianist, composer, producer, internationally recognized jazz phenomenon with CD`s Moody and Daisy, and world-recognized sensations, Mesmerized and Autobahn, Co-Founder of the “Do Foundation”


“Betty Dravis and Chase Von dazzle the reader with charm as they reach deep into each celebrity. There`s something for everyone in this book and best of all it comes in a paperback I can carry around with me and a stunning hardcover to keep on my bookcase for years to come.”- Kasia Sienkowska, fashion designer, NYC


“Author and career journalist Betty Dravis and star interview meister Chase Von combine to tease the real lives from the glossy facades of our most loved and despised celebrities. The result is a rare view into the lives of the people who have become like gods and goddesses, saints and demons to a world enamored of stardom. In Dream Reachers, those superstars are made human again, filled with fears and folly, love and loss ” “just like the rest of us.”- Mark LaFlamme, award-winning Maine crime reporter, author of Dirt: An American Campaign, The Pink Room and other horror novels.


“I think this book will be the catalyst for a lot of people who just need that extra nudge to give them the courage to go for their own dreams. I wish it had been available to me  “BEFORE my life of crime.”- Glenn Brandon Burke, life coach, author and frequent inspirational speaker in prisons and colleges across the nation


“A dream come true! This book has pizazz! Kudos to Betty Dravis and Chase Von.”- Hon. Rod Diridon, Sr., Exec. Dir., Mineta Transportation Institute, SJSU, former vice-mayor of Saratoga, CA and Santa Clara County Supervisor


“This book is a source of confirmation and encouragement, spoken by a collection of free thinkers who refused to look back on their dreams and wonder, `What if?`” Assembling these achievers is ingenious literary artistry on behalf of Chase Von and Betty Dravis. Hat`s off to you both!”- Gem Avery, The Pioneeress of Ambient Soul, internationally recognized debut album Gas Money, vocalist and songwriter


“I was so thrilled when my pal, Betty Dravis, disclosed that she met Clint Eastwood. I love him… always have. I think he`s one of the sexiest men on the planet…even at his elder` age, he`s fabulous. I can`t believe all the fascinating people Chase Von has interviewed: Darcy Donavan, Shawn Richardz, MT Robison, Dawn Huffaker, Kitty Kavey, Barbara Evans, Aberjhani, Kiara Hunter…the list goes on. Can`t wait to read Dream Reachers.”- Carol Engan Borrelli, Florida, author of Cinagro Farm cookbook


“Dream Reachers combines the best of yesterday and today all in one. At once there is the charming reflections of Betty Dravis`s encounters with high profile stars of a bygone era out of enchanting Hollywood and powerful Washington. As well, we see the groundbreaking interviews of Chase Von`s up-and-coming stars of today. This book will make you smile and, indeed…dream.”- Meesh, founder of Mixeddna


About the Authors:




In addition to his latest book Dream Reachers, which he co-authored with Betty Dravis, Chase Von is the author of Pink, Blue and Green and Your Chance to Hear the Last Panther Speak. One of his short stories, The Bum, is included in the 2007 American Review Literary Journal Vol. One, created by Bryant H. McGill, world-famous author, poet and consultant to the stars. Pieces of his work have also been included in Songs of Hope, a compilation by Sachel. Von is also owner of VonChase Publishing Company. One of his poetry books, written by Ed Roberts, has been submitted for a Pulitzer Prize in Verse.


This talented man was born in Japan to a military family. He is a retired Marine and also served in the Army as an air traffic control tower operator. He has also been a county correctional officer, a human services assistant in a mental health facility and is a veteran of Desert Shield and Desert Storm, as well as OIF one and two.


Von currently resides in California with his beautiful wife and three lovely children. For more about this author visit:



BETTY DRAVIS: Betty Dravis is a sensitive writer, adept in many genres. Dream Reachers is her first nonfiction book and is a compilation of her inspiring celebrity interviews, including living legends Clint Eastwood, Jane Russell and Ted Kennedy, along with legends-in-the-making Darcy Donavan, Jennifer McShane, Jason Seitz, MT Robison and other artists from all fields, interviewed by her gifted co-author Chase Von.


This talented woman is also the author of: 1106 Grand Boulevard, an epic romantic thriller; The Toonies Invade Silicon Valley, a young adult fantasy adventure; and Millennium Babe: The Prophecy, a supernatural mystery adventure. She also has three short stories in the anthology Just Our Best Short Stories 2005 and three best-selling Amazon Shorts.


She is a retired, award-winning California journalist and newspaper publisher who also hosted a Cable TV talk show. She was listed in two Who`s Who books, is an honorary Kentucky Colonel, former member of Romance Writers of America, Sigma Delta Chi and San Jose Newspaper Guild.


Dravis has a large family in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, but now resides in Central California where she`s writing a sequel to The Toonies, titled The Toonies Rock New York. For more about this author, visit her website at: or at Amazon Author Central:


Do Visit The Dream Reachers Fan Site:







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