Should we Retire the word Retirement?


Should we Retire the word Retirement?

by Carolyn Walker

The baby boomers have started that golden time called retirement—the question is: how many can really enjoy the Madison Ave view of retirement— golden beaches, world travel, golfing with friends, lunch out with the girls, hours spent in your favorite passion, pursuing that long time hobby…  After all, that’s the message we have been sold: get training for your life work, get a good job, save for the future …

One Scenario:  Your job has been eliminated, you have been down sized, your 401k looks like a 201k, you are upside down on your mortgage, medical expenses have you buried, your kids can’t find a job despite that great degree you helped fund so they are living with you and your elderly parents need our help—take your pick—some of these sound familiar?   For so many, retirement is a thing of the past, a term that is no longer relevant.

Another scenario:  You have retired, but you are healthy and full of energy and therefore you’re bored. Your life work had meaning, golf, fishing, gardening—- that has grown old. You would like something that had meaning that felt like you were making a contribution to society, again. And you would love to get a paycheck again, after all, everything you now have time to do costs money. You are not ready for the 9-5 rat race again—but something that is flexible, that you can work around family commitments and you’re other interests.

Enter Nerium International and the industry of Relationship Marketing. Set your own hours, work from home, enjoy family time on your time schedule, generate a long term residual income that can be passed to the next generation, be involved with other like-minded people who are focused on helping others make their dreams come true, other like-minded people who are focused on a similar goal, who share a common set of core values. It is an industry with strong camaraderie among others in the same business.

My friend Barb said it best, “you mean I can earn money and have fun, too?” You bet! And with Nerium International all this is available to you but I would change her saying slightly,” You mean I can look younger, have fun and make money too? Absolutely! And those baby boomers—none to them want to look older. Really 60 is the new 50! And with Nerium International’s age-defying night cream nobody will know!

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