Polio vaccination a threat to humanity, says Medical Expert

Dr. Rebecca Carley

Dr. Rebecca Carley

Concerns have recently been raised over the use of orally administered polio vaccine to vaccinate millions of children in developing countries. While the vaccine was banned in United States and much of Europe, it is being used to vaccinate children in some developing countries and reported cases of disability or dean death resulting from it make news off and on.

The paper reached an expert on the topic of vaccination to discuss this issue. Meet Dr. Rebecca Carley, MD, 58, who teaches Reversing Vaccine Induced Disease at She considers herself an expert, despite having her license suspended because of reported psychiatric disability. The interview reflects the opinion on the polio vaccine by a single individual, but does show how some doctors may present contrary evidence to current medical opinions.

Q: Dr. Carley, please tell briefly about your experience with or knowledge of various kinds of vaccines.

Dr. Carley: I am a court qualified expert in VIDS , that is, Vaccine Induced Diseases. I have been studying vaccines for 15 years after my only child was brain damaged by vaccines. I have concluded they are biological weapons, and cause all diseases under the “internal medicine” umbrella. I have developed a protocol which reverses all VIDS using natural therapies. I have realized the big picture of all diseases (as other toxins are involved besides vaccines); see diagrams and video of me explaining them at

Q: Please tell us what you have found out about the Polio Vaccinations that take place here in the US and Overseas?

Dr. Carley: They are bio-weapons, like all other vaccines.

Q: Could you give us a figure or stat on about how many children have been affected horrifically by this unresolved issue?

Dr. Carley: No, because almost all VIDS are denied to have been caused by vaccines, despite the fact that the US Code has provisions to report VIDS (see I have tried for 12 years to get a list of “vaccine related disabilities, injuries, and conditions where deaths occur” from the CDC… no response. This is because of the massive conflicts of interest and corruption involving the vaccine promoting agencies, as exposed in the article “A Dragon by the Tail” posted at

Q: Dr Carley, recently we had news about the polio vaccination and concerns raised over health risks caused the Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV). Paralysis and even death among infants are reported soon after vaccination OPV. Do you think the OPV is a serious health risk for children?

Dr. Carley: The oral polio vaccine causes polio, which is why it was stopped in the US; even though they changed the name of vaccine induced polio to “aseptic meningitis” to hide that fact.

Q: So what is used to manufacture this vaccine?

Dr. Carley: Live polio virus grown on monkey kidneys with a carcinogenic virus (SV40) along with various other toxins.

Q: And is this the reason this vaccine was banned in the US over a decade ago? The public health concern?

Dr. Carley: I say there is no such thing as a safe vaccine.

Q: So the haunting question for us is, why a vaccine version that is banned in the developed world is still given to millions of children in the third world?

Dr. Carley: Yes, because Agenda 21 of the UN states that the goal is to depopulate the world by 90% .

Q: Can you please tell us what we can do as a nation to come against this in the US and Overseas?

Dr. Carley: Just say “NO”.

Q: Most media sources both in the west and the less developed nations normally seem to be promoting polio vaccination campaigns in Indi and Pakistan and Africa. Do you think the media is acting a balanced or objective role in keeping people informed of the negative side of these campaigns?

Dr. Carley: The media is controlled by the same psychopaths trying to depopulate the planet; so of course they push the poison needle.

Q: In the US today, there also are some laws making vaccinations mandatory for certain diseases. Is it not imposing a questionable agent on the lives of our kids?

Dr. Carley: It is genocide. Vaccines are also corrupting our genetic structure. The extinction of humanity will occur if this insanity is not stopped.

Q: So in closing, let me ask do we have any safe alternatives to vaccines to help our kids stay safe from debilitating or fatal diseases?

Dr. Carley: Eat organic food; drink clean water; colloidal silver kills all organisms ever tested without creating resistant organisms. There are also homeopathic remedies that can be used.

Q: Thank you Dr. Carley for your time and sharing thoughts about this important issue.


Note: The papers thanks Michell Spoden for facilitating the interview with Dr. Carley. The opinions cited are those of the writer and Dr. Carley and are not the opinions of this publication.


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