Not Your Typical Nuns!

Not Your Typical Nuns!


Back in the Habit,by Alice Loweecey is not your typical mystery. In fact, this is one of the most entertaining novels of suspense that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The first ‘Falcone & Driscoll Investigation’ was so much fun and so thrilling at the same time, that it will be a surprise for all readers when they see that the second one is even better!


In this new tale, readers are once again at the side of Giulia Falcone. Once a nun, Giulia fled that particular life and joined with Frank Driscoll in the P.I. business a little over a year ago. Little does she know, however, that just as she’s beginning to get used to ‘womanly life,’ with her ‘Good Girls Guide to Flirting’ and her Cosmo reads, she’s about to be thrown back inside.


Looking up from her desk, Giulia faces her old ‘boss’ – Superior General of the convent, Sister Fabian – who’s there to hire the firm to look into a death at the convent. Apparently, a novice was found hanging in the basement. The police have ruled it a suicide, but the girl’s parents are threatening to take this to the courts and the media, believing that there’s no way their child would have committed suicide. Therefore, the Sister needs a third party to make the final decision, and preferably before St. Francis Day when the convent will be filled with guests and visitors.


Giulia, much to her dismay and nausea, must once again don the habit and head back into the convent in order to get the Sister’s talking and find out exactly what happened to the young girl. As the investigation commences, Giulia immediately feels as if she’s been placed back in the ‘prison’ she once escaped from. She makes friends with some truly hysterical characters, such as: Sister Bart, who would ‘throw her mother under a bus for a Marlboro;’ an older Swedish Sister who doesn’t speak English, but was a close friend of the girl who died; and, one Sister who cries constantly because, apparently, she’s drinking the wine. Add in Mother Superior who is also referred to as “The Puppet Master, and Father Ray, the priest who seems more than happy to show the nuns the ropes, and you have a mystery that is both thrilling and laugh-out-loud fantastic.


Get this series right now, because you will not want to miss the adventures of ‘Falcone & Driscoll,’ especially seeing as that romance is most definitely headed the ex-Sister’s way. Stay tuned!


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