NASCAR Fans “Gear Up” for Independence Day Weekend

NASCAR Fans “Gear Up” for Independence Day Weekend

by Amy Lignor


It is that time again. And while some families will be going out on the town or heading to their local fireworks display to sit on the lawn and watch the rockets’ red glare as the local firefighters put on an awesome display, there are thousands of others Daytona, COKE ZERO 400, NASCAR, Coca-Cola, Independence Day, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tyler Farr, UNOH Fanzone Accessheaded to Daytona in order to witness one of NASCAR’s mot anticipated events: The COKE ZERO 400 being held in the one and only Motorsports Stadium in the entire world.


This race, powered by Coca-Cola, calls out to fans on the Independence Day holiday weekend with all the pageantry and patriotism that this land stands for. A fan-favorite event, the red glare may be slightly diminished a bit while sitting under the bright racing lights that only Daytona can deliver. Including some of the most exciting racing of the entire NASCAR season, drivers battle three-wide for this coveted Daytona victory. And here is just a sneak peek at what you and the family, as you pack the coolers and rev up the RV to travel to Daytona, will be able to enjoy.


This year, fans are invited to this event to celebrate a true legacy that will never be forgotten. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. will have his awesome career explored and allow his longtime fans to experience this momentous moment in time.


Here, everyone will be able to witness up close and personal a very emotional farewell to the third-winningest driver in Daytona International Speedway history. He will race this hallowed ground one last time at the COKE Zero 400 as people root for him to once again (hopefully) be crowned the winner. It would be a nice ‘bonus’ to add to the history books, along with his victory in July 2001, his two DAYTONA 500 championships, his 2015 COKE Zero 400 victory and his 13 (yes, count them, 13!) other Daytona victories. When it comes to this incredible Speedway, Dale Jr. is a leader among the pack and will be till the end of time.


For those who love the music, Tyler Farr will be there to perform the pre-race concert prior to the 2017 COKE Zero 400 race that will occur on Saturday, July 1st. Offering up his awesome songs from the tri-oval, Tyler will give an unforgettable performance.


All this, while sitting in those Daytona International Speedway new, perfect seats. It is inarguable that this brand new stadium has not a bad seat in the house. With dynamic sightlines and stunning views that literally rival those of race team spotters, every race fan will be thrilled and feel like they’re sitting in first class with the wider and far more comfortable seating.


And speaking of fans…no one will want to miss the COKE Zero 400 FANZONE that is the ultimate experience. Fans will be provided with an exclusive look into the garages, as well as become part of the autograph sessions with their favorites and SO much more. By purchasing UNOH Fanzone Access, you no longer have to ‘imagine’ what your favorite sport is all about, because you’ll get an up-close look at pre-race and driver introductions. Daytona International Speedway also provides fans with free Wi-Fi coverage that’s available in stadium concourses, the Midway, the UNOH Fanzone, infield camping and even GEICO Park West Campgrounds, so not a minute of the event is lost.


Including that pre-race extravaganza that begins with a walk on the tri-oval and a signature on the famed start/finish line. The pre-race will be topped off with the drivers gathering for pre-race introductions as Congressional Medal of Honor recipients join for a special ceremony to honor this country and what Fourth of July weekend is all about.


So get ready for DAYTONA! Because when it comes to celebrating the U.S.A., this is the place that knows exactly what that means and how to do it up right!

Daytona, COKE ZERO 400, NASCAR, Coca-Cola, Independence Day, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tyler Farr, UNOH Fanzone Access

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