Mythica Post: Are You All Alone?

Photo by MA's Dent. Model: Safina Lenay

Photo by MA’s Dent. Model: Safina Lenay

Recently I made a discovery that the reason it feels that I have been swimming against the current all by myself trying to figure out what’s wrong is because I am in a vast sea of people who are all around me thinking the same thing. Haven’t you felt it too? Some strange inertia holding you back from that next realization that will give you the breakthrough financially? in your relationship, in your self worth and value? in meaningful work? socially? in any number of aspects in life that feels invariably overwhelming to surmount this unnameable thing?

You are not alone.

Collective consciousness is a powerful thing. It’s not mumbo jumbo. It’s basic science. We are all electromagnetic beings who create low level electromagnetic fields. (EMF’s) Our neurons fire electro chemical impulses. We walk through the fields of many of our fellow human beings everyday. We live inside one giant field created by the planet we live on. These are all basic things we know about, BUT… what it feels like is very different than just these tiny black and white words. The best quote I know of to demonstrate this is:
“But I have come to learn there is no peace while others suffer.”
? Lily Blake, Snow White & the Huntsman

In almost all of the science fiction novels I have read there comes a point in human evolution where something incredible happens. We begin to viscerally understand that what we do to another we do to ourselves. Right now we are at a place where this feeling of being alone and isolated is a SHARED experience. It is a collective experience. My massage therapist was working on my injured arm (my painting arm), and was talking about his own struggles with getting his massage school off the ground when I heard it in his voice, in his being. That “thing” I was struggling with, wrestling with… he was also. Then it was like a long string of dominoes. I could hear it not just in him but in all the people I knew and loved. Everything clicked.

Imagine if you will a bunch of ball bearings magnetized but pushing and pulling in opposite directions. Everyone wants to get out of the box, but no one can do it alone. Now magnetize those ball bearings to the same polarization. Now they can stick together, make a bridge, and everyone can leave the box.

So I posted this on my facebook:
Tonight I am doing a ritual to help all of those who wish to get past “this level” of being stuck in an inertia. Maybe it’s finances or relationship or meaningful work…. whatever it is… we are all connected and as a group we can move forward rather than separately struggling. If you want to be added virtually. .. respond with YES!

There was an overwhelming response from not just friends but complete strangers who had seen people respond to my post .Even at a few hours before the ritual it was at over 200 and counting… I suspect that even well after the ritual people will still be responding with “yes” because that longing is such a collective one. I also thought that others might want to join me where ever they were at in the world so I posted a follow up:
Today I am filled with an overwhelming sense of compassion for us all. The requests for tonight’s ritual has moved me to tears. In a good way. It is at 7pm mountain time if you would like to energetically join me. Light a candle or close your eyes. There is only 2 things to do. 1. Say I love you. To yourself. To anything or anyone that comes to mind. Do this over and over until your heart feels like it’s going to burst. In the end see yourself connected to everyone else also doing this virtually. 2. Say thank you. Say it over and over again. To yourself. To every circumstance, person you are connected to or whatever comes up on your heart or mind. 3. Let everything go. LET God, goddess. .. the Divine take care of the rest. See you in my heart at 7pm. Love you.

There were some heartbreaking responses. Cancer, feelings of depression, suicide, money, homelessness, unexpected deaths… so much for so many. Even those people that I thought were really successful and doing well responded with “yes!” I have a feeling that my little inspiration to do this will have much farther reaching effects than any of us will realize until much later.

I think that what I posted as the directions for the ritual doesn’t interfere with anyone’s spirituality or religion. Even if one is atheist, love and gratitude transcends those boundaries, just let go. I think it is something that could be done weekly or even daily.

Tonight I spoke to a woman who did the ritual by herself at home in Texas, several states away. The effects were profound for her. She found peace from issues that stemmed all the way back from childhood. Even getting around the house, she felt more at ease in her own body.

I believe that as the days and hours pass more stories like this will make their way back to me, to us. Ultimately this is our story, not just mine. That’s the whole point of this ritual. We aren’t alone. We are connected. This time, it just happens to be through me, and our collective connection. All I want, desire, is for all of us to give a damn what happens to each other. Maybe it’s just the way I talk, am genuine, I don’t know. What I do know is that I love complete strangers and sometimes I just want to cry for no reason for people in my newsfeed, who I feel need my humor, and posts, to help them get through their days. There is ONE person on this Earth that gives a damn. Me. So if you are reading this, I am here to tell you… You are not alone.

In the days to come, I suspect that as the stories come back to me, and I in turn share them with you, we will FEEL we are not alone.




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