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Virtual Kisses

Virtual Kisses

A friend, Faith Young,  leads an amazing women’s group. One of their tenants is “how can I be of service today?” I told this to another friend and she told me that it sounded like the Rotary club… they also have four guiding principles about service to humanity. I also remembered that my mentor, Kent M. Keith wrote the Paradoxical Commandments, which in a nutshell says that no matter how terrible the world is, do good anyway.

I’ve always had this gift, this curse, to make people feel loved, comforted. I remember the first time it happened with a friend of mine. Monica walked into the church to pick someone up. I ran over and just hugged her. I could feel that she needed me to just hold her. She burst into tears in my arms. I remember that I felt so terrible for whatever was bothering Monica, but at the same time I felt myself completing my purpose.

It is like this all the time for me. When I post it has a far deeper purpose. Someone told me a few days ago that they really liked the things I posted. I shared the reasons I did and he impressed upon me how it may be a good thing to share… so here it goes.

So let me start with the simple stuff:

  1. Video: Cuteness on Crack: It is supposed to make the viewer make this noise “aweeeee.” Second to that it produces Oxytocin. I am a psychology major afterall. We all have bad days and this can and often does come just when it is needed.
  2. Video: And now for something completely different: This is for those for which cute kittens and happy videos are just NOT going to cut it. They even make you angry, or feel nothing at all. These videos are from left field, you are not supposed to think you KNOW what coming… it makes you think, “OOh now what is it going to be this time?” It creates openness. Anything to biochemically derail the negativity train. I have a LOT of people who get upset with a variety of these… but there is a purpose to break people from their own minds… and ultimately the chemicals that are ruling their hearts.
  3. Feel Good: Deeper feelings, faith in humanity restored. This is part of what of when people are about to say fuck it to this world… this is what we all need reminding of, that there is still some good left, and no matter the assholes and the government’s trying to mind wipe our will into submission… there is love, beauty, and kindness. We must not give up when it’s dark.
  4. Videos & Pictures: Mad Skills: This is also to help us see so much more is possible. If people from the early 1900’s could see what we do today they would think it impossible. But when we see what is possible then our minds learn that there is more than we can imagine. This also restores our faith, gives us new goals, and inspires us to do and try more.  It opens our hearts.
  5. Pictures: Shoe Porn: A bodypainter is nothing without a canvas, so in order to keep my models happy I have found that nothing makes them coming back to my page more than Shoe Porn… a good pair of shoes can make ALL the difference in the world!
  6. Positive Pics: These are motivational and funny pics that seem to come just when someone is needing it. It’s like a hug from the Divine. I cannot tell you how many people have sent me messages about them coming almost like a personal message at the right time.
  7. Minions, Redheads & Bodypainting: I post what I love. I post what makes me happy. The really awesome thing is that when other people find those things they automatically think about me and share it to my wall. And the happiness shared becomes exponential. People who follows associate me with the things I love and so they think of me not just with bodypainting, but Minions & redheads too.
  8. Acknowledgement: I have 5,000 (the limit) friends and currently 1,800 followers on Facebook, about 1,400 followers on Instagram, 1,000 followers on Twitter… although there are way more others than there are of me, I do my best to “like” each response, or respond in some way. Just my little way of saying “I see you.” Sometimes all I can do is send a “HUG” rather than write out a long response. I do TRY… but being seen or recognized is important. We all want that. Even the “lurkers” I even write posts to say “I know you are there too.” (waves to my loyal lurkers.)

Sometimes I post the positivity because I need it as much as the person who is reading it does. Sometimes I need a laugh, or to get out of a rut…I share because I love to genuinely connect with the people who take the time to follow me. When I meet people who have been following me for years I take the time if I am able to give them a hug. They have been there watching my journey and cheering me on. It is the least I can do. I am always open to people saying hi so don’t be shy!



Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are tools, and like all tools it is the intention with which they are used that makes them good or bad. I have had so much positive feedback about my post that I even see it as tremendous responsibility and honor… I serve those who follow me. In turn I am feed with love and appreciation from what I share when people share what it means to them. Genuine connection is everything. I really DO love my friends and followers, and I believe the feeling is mutual, or that it has the potential to grow into that.

So now you know why I do, what I do… it’s more than just cute… it’s my way of making the world better than I found it, everyday, every post. I help the Love the Divine feels for the world be a little more tangible today, one post at a time. Team work don’t seem work! Then it spreads… #TeamMythica spreads the love by sharing what I post and it just keeps on going. It’s an amazing feeling, just like when I hugged my friend. I’m sorry the world is sad and hurting, but I can give a virtual hug through social media, and feel right with the Universe, and my purpose for being here is sometimes just a simple little post at the right time for one person. You.


Mythica von Griffyn


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