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From Left to Right, Craig Tracy, Robin Slonina, RuPaul, & Lynda Carter

From Left to Right, Craig Tracy, Robin Slonina, RuPaul, & Lynda Carter

Ok. I know this may be hard to believe but some of you didn’t know that I was a contestant on the GSN (Game Show Network) new bodypainting reality contest show, Skin Wars. Produced by Michael Levitt and Jill Goularte. Hosted by Rebecca Romijn. Judges were RuPaul, Craig Tracy (my personal hero) and Robin Slonina of Skin City. It is still currently airing Wednesday nights 9pm eastern/8 central on GSN. If you want to find the channel in your area go here:

Episode 4 of Skin Wars marked the end of my journey as a contestant, but to say that I lost would be a lie. I didn’t win $100,000. #TeamMythica supported me (those who are my friends and fans) gave a HUGE outpouring of votes on the GSN’s website: and I won the same day I was voted off by a landslide of 52%!The highest to date!

Winner for week 4  Skin Wars Poll

Winner for week 4 Skin Wars Poll

Out of all the contestants who in their personal interviews ragged on one another, I had very little to say about my fellow contestants in that regard. If you don’t give the camera the dirt, you won’t lose ground. Never forget who you are talking to! We were encouraged that camera time was a safe space where we could vent honestly our feelings and frustrations. You should also never forget that a snake is dangerous, no matter how pretty the interviewer is.

I learned a lot about myself, my fears, insecurities, and pushed myself to limits I didn’t know were possible. The time of filming was February, 2014. Personally I was in a terrible place emotionally going onto the show. I had several people that were “family” that wanted or needed me to win so that I could pay them back or help them. So there was tremendous pressure to win or else they would also be upset or put in jeopardy. I went into the first episode with that pressure and it showed. It also didn’t help that we were the first contestants ever and it was all an experiment. Bodypainting was new to the crew, producers, and there were “production issues” all over the place that will never see the light of day… pay NO attention to the man behind the curtain. Technically I can’t tell you what issues, so don’t ask. Just know that there were issues and puppies and kittens everywhere.

Back home I had informed everyone that I went on a spiritual retreat where I won a scholarship. At the time, in my mind it was true.

There is winning a contest at all costs, and then there is winning in such a way that they want to make a motion picture of it when you are 80. I was afraid of loosing my humanity in the show. I was watching the people around me making alliances, and going off to moan about the processes of the show. I found myself becoming more and more isolated. I didn’t really fit in with the girls, and I didn’t fit in with the guys. Nicole Hays, one of the other contestants on the show, became my only friend. I would listen to her sing. She would listen to me talk. It was a good trade off. In the first episode she was getting a bad headache going into the first mini challenge and I did reiki (energy healing) on her. It helped and she was able to focus on the task. We were fast friends after that.

Now there were some misconceptions… I do NOT live in a laundromat lol. I live in a friend’s laundry room, right next to the washer and drier. When I can’t make it back there I live in a camper in a friend’s backyard. The quality of my work on the show did not accurately reflect what I am capable of when I am in a non stressed environment with plenty of sleep, and a nice big meal just before starting. Sorry. I know that my skills were a disappointment to some of the viewers, but I got onto Skin Wars, not you. Shut up until you are worthy enough and talented enough to walk a mile in my moccasins.

Every time I watched a new episode I wanted to see what got on and didn’t get on to the show. SO much happened! In the end they really had to pick and choose which stories to focus on or not. What never made the air is as if it never existed. There are some sweet and tender moments no one will ever see. There are silly moments. There are rebellious moments. There is a LOT of Mythica hugs you will never see!!! They are somewhere on the cutting room floor. I HOPE there is an incredible DVD collection to help share some of those, including full shots of everyone’s artwork!

There is on one hand, something that EVERYONE saw… me and the punching bag.

One of the most amazing things I ever learned about being a public figure, I learned from Angelina Jolie.

“You’re bisexual?” “Yeah so what?”

“You kiss your brother?” “Yeah want to take pictures?”

“You wear a vile of blood around your neck?” “Yeah isn’t it romantic?”

I didn’t bash my fellow contestants in the interviews. I didn’t lash out at our handlers off camera. If I had a problem I tried to say something. I meditated. I did card readings. I meditated. I used my therapy cane. I meditated. I did my Tibetan singing bowl. I meditated. I took a bath. I meditated. I had a couple of glasses of wine. I meditated. But these are extreme circumstances and when your ability to verbally process with others who are not in the competition is removed, compounded with very little sleep and lots of adrenaline.. well… the energy has to go somewhere in a healthy way where you are NOT lashing out during the competition.

The camera’s were set up… I walked down… they were rolling… I stopped on the stairs. It was only for half a second. Time stood still. In that moment I asked the Divine what to do. I knew that none of my other things were working on getting out this pent up frustration. The Divine responded that absolute vulnerability is absolute power. I was given internal permission, to lose it. Hit it. Try. Let go. ‘In front of the whole world?’ Yes.

“I punched the punching bag, and screamed at it instead of at others… so what?”

Skin Wars has it on a loop on Twitter here:

I got to have an interview with one of my YouTube icons, Kandee Johnson. She does some really awesome makeup tutorials that thousands of people subscribe to. In our interview I also got explain that I made a conscious choice to be vulnerable. You can see it in the after show here on Door 3:

Here’s the thing. I was terribly flawed. Blood sugar issues, being sleep deprived, stress… did NOT bring out the best in me both as a person and especially as a bodypainter. But the one thing that I DID maintain was my integrity. I DID the best I could. I came with an agenda. It was to show that bodypainting could help people and change their lives. It didn’t get shown how I helped my model in my final episode… or how she spoke up for me. I got to talk about it more than I got to show it. But in that environment, it is hard to shine. I did my best. I do have to thank the producers for the awesome contestant video. I will have it forever:

I learned so much about myself. One of the biggest spiritual principles I learned from being on the show was about how much energy I was wasting about what other people thought about me. I also learned that it is an even bigger mistake to try and get people to know the truth when they are committed to misunderstanding you. People are going to watch the show and think I am a terrible painter. People are going to watch the show and form a lot of opinions, thinking that they know the whole story(mine or anyone else.) Truthfully no one will know. This isn’t reality, it’s entertainment.

Mythica's Bodypainting Episode 4 Skin Wars

Mythica’s Bodypainting Episode 4 Skin Wars

When I was on that stage, alone, I was not. The Divine was there with me. God. The Universe. By whatever name you call it, was there with me. The moment I knew everything was going to be ok was when RuPaul said, “Mythica you ARE Love.” My ending to the Superhero episode was to pull up my gown to reveal that underneath, in big words was “LOVE.” I am. My fans knew it too and poured out their love, with voting for me. So that is why it is a lie to say that I lost. Forever and a day I can quote RuPaul till the end of time(not that I needed his validation.)  In that moment, the Divine spoke through RuPaul, to let me know I will be ok. I won’t be homeless forever, and that amazing things are on their way to me. This is not the end, it is the beginning. No there is no $100,000 at the end of the show, but that is not to say that I can not make $100,000 from the opportunities I will gain from being ON the show.

“You have NOT seen the last of me. No Way!” ~Mythica, Skin Wars Contestant, Season 1

If you would like to schedule a healing bodypainting, a class, or hire me in any capacity please email my manager: Mitch Harwood:



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