Mission Tuition & The Number One Career!

Mission Tuition & The Number One Career!


It pays to be smart when choosing your career, particularly now that the job market is ever-so-slowly improving.  And as your student is heading off to college, or in the process of picking out just the right path they wish to walk down, Mission Tuition is here to offer a few tips on the best career choices out there in the world, and the best colleges to save for who specialize in that particular industry.


As all readers know by now, Mission Tuition is that amazing company that came along to help parents take the first ‘most important’ step when it came to saving for their child’s college education.  Mission Tuition has proven to be the most reliable, dependable – not to mention, easy – way for parents with all different-sized pocketbooks to save money by doing the one thing they already do everyday – shop.


Going to the Mission Tuition website, signing up for a free account, and enjoying the huge number of companies that are available there to shop with is the first step to providing your child a great future.  When shopping online, participants receive cash back rewards, coupons and discounts that save them money; money which is then placed in an “educational savings account” held at Wells Fargo. And when you head into the stores to shop ‘live and in person’ you have two options:  If you wish to receive both the advertised discount plus the cash back, you make the purchase online and go into the store to pick up your items.  Or, should you decide you want to make your purchase at the register you STILL receive the advertised discount.  Having this money accumulate simply by shopping at your favorite retailers like Walgreens, Walmart, and more, allows the parent to look into all the 529 plans that are available – the best source to save for college tuition.  With Mission Tuition, while you shop for the products your family needs, the money saved through discounts, rebates, coupons, and even a percentage back on your credit or debit card, goes into the account, waiting for the moment when you choose the best investment vehicle that’s right for you.


But another amazing upside to Mission Tuition is the help, tips, and information they give to students and their parents about the hard decisions that are made when college comes along.  One of the biggest, of course, is the future.  What careers are the ones making the money now, and are they basically assured of growth two to four years when your child graduates and gets out into the world?


The industry that has been and looks to remain the largest for many years to come, is the world of healthcare.  In fact, students heading into college to study in the healthcare realm – whether it be hands-on or the management sectors – are almost guaranteed a job the second they graduate.  With an ever-aging baby boomer generation, healthcare continues to make a strong showing.  All of the healthcare jobs from the 2010 list of “Best Careers” released by everyone from Money Magazine to the College Board made the cut all the way to 2016 – with even some new additions – massage therapists and athletic trainers.


Every facet of the industry was taken into consideration – from job satisfaction to turnover rates to impending retirements (which project the openings the job will have which will increase employment growth even further.)  Labor and industry experts have gathered all the educational requirements as well for students who are interested in two-year to six-year college programs, and healthcare continually rises to the top of the heap.


Of course, all parents and students should be aware that no one job is best for everyone, and everyone has their own ideas about what makes a job great. The bottom line is the fact that you have to like what you’re doing in order to be successful at that chosen career, so making sure to study and research everything about the industry you’re looking into is a must.


Qualities that make a job desirable also change with the times and circumstances.  Our newest set of workers value stability above anything else, which is not a surprise considering the financial cloud that everyone is getting out from under right now.  U.S. News reported that in a struggling economy with a 9.6 percent unemployment rate, competition is stiff.  For every job opening in September, there were about five unemployed people, according to the Labor Department – which translates into a very tough job market.  But the area of healthcare is still one that is growing by leaps and bounds, looking very good to all the college students out there who want to make sure they have that much-needed job after receiving their diploma.


Healthcare jobs are no longer nurse, doctor, and nursing home worker.  No. This is an industry that includes dental hygienists, lab technicians, occupational therapists, optometrists, physical therapists and physical therapist assistants, radiologic technologists, as well as registered nurses, doctors, etc.


Healthcare is even taking over the franchise business area.  According to the International Franchise Industry’s 2012 Business Outlook report, the top franchise business for 2012 – for which output is expected to rise 6.2 percent next year – is healthcare and elder care services.


With the assistance of groundbreaking medical treatments and technology, people are living longer, and many seniors are living independently far into their golden years. The need for varying amounts of help with daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, taking medication and basic personal care is leading to exponential growth in the elder care industry.  The need for senior care services and products will become even more pressing in years to come.  Home care is in growing demand as more families seek “higher-quality, more-affordable care in the home.”  Therefore, the healthcare industry is not only a perfect career choice for the professionals listed above, but it is also a perfect industry for businessmen and women who are looking to start a new venture, or join an ever-increasing franchise world.


But Mission Tuition wishes to offer even more information that all students should have.  If you pick the healthcare industry as the path of your employment future, what is the suggestion for the best school that concentrates on these particular areas?  With this information, the high school student can narrow down their search, and delve deeper into the financial funding necessary for the tuition needs.


The University of Michigan is a school with a world-class faculty that has produced groundbreaking research. This is a school with a storied past and a boundless future that one and all call, The Michigan Difference.  Offering excellence in medical education, patient care and research, the U-M Health System is consistently ranked among the nation’s best, and treats more than 1.5 million outpatients, provides at least 43,000 hospital visits, conducts hundreds of scientific research projects and educates our next generation of medical professionals.  In addition, the university offers its students, faculty and staff a wide range of health and wellness services, programs, classes, and resources.


Parents, while your child is thinking over the best path for their future, you can be putting your plan into action to make sure that the University of Michigan can most definitely be a choice for your future doctor or nurse.  All you need do is open that free account with Mission Intuition today, and take advantage of this truly easy savings plan.  Simply sign up and shop! Mission Tuition is loaded with offers from such merchants as Lowe’s, Home Depot, K-mart, and Sears.  So while you shop and save on your everyday items, you will also be saving for your child to head down the health and wellness path to an outstanding career!


Until Next Time, Everybody.


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