Lil’ Mirkk – Looking Into the Definition of a STAR!

As we all know, the holiday season changes us.  It really does.  All of a sudden – for at least a short time – the world seems to be a better place.  More people smile as you walk down the road, men tip their hearts as they did once upon a time in the 1920’s, kids are smiling wide, and for a minimal amount of time the news of pain, war, financial heartbreak – all of these things diminish as that divine magic enters everyone’s hearts and souls.


I begin this way because the word ‘star,’ when referencing a celebrity, does not usually remind someone of a divine spirit.  But this author, time and time again, runs up against one celebrity who I am still, to this day, mystified by.  All of the pessimistic notions of ‘stars’ go out of my head completely when speaking of a celebrity by the name of Lil’ Mirkk.


Yes, we have spoken about the slew of projects this man has coming up.  I have told you about the background of Lil’ Mirkk which included the fact that he was a true American television icon when he was only a child.  At the age of four, he starred in the much-beloved show, Chico & The Man. He also played the Bionic Boy in the 1970’s, with guest-starring roles on T.V. shows like The Bionic Woman; as well as a list longer than the one Santa Clause owns, of parts in commercials like Burger King, McDonald’s, Toys ‘R’ Us, and Coca-Cola.  I have offered you Lil’ Mirkk’s resume in the music community, which included the amazing skill of being able to rhyme at the age of only five, a CD created when he was still only a teenager known as Def Ice titled, “Seeing is Believing.” (Rainbo Records). He appeared on the cable music TV show, Raw Talent, and Lil’ Mirkk literally shot up the charts.


We have also gotten eager – all of us together – as the facts came out that in 2012 we will have the honor of seeing Lil Mirkk in such ‘star’ vehicles as the movie that is said to become the 2012 blockbuster of the year, Battleship, with Liam Neeson and Rihanna.  Not only that, but music fans are chomping at the bit, waiting for the release from Def Jam Records of Lil’ Mirkk’s new CD titled, WTF in the New Year.  Yes, I know, we wish this could be under our Christmas trees in a week…but, alas, this is a 2012 gift and not one allowable in 2011.


And one of the most talked about things in my house (with my 19-year-old daughter who is super-crazy over the video game) is the fact that in Lil’ Mirkk’s future we may just see him play the lead role of John-117 in the long-awaited HALO movie. This writer has also personally been getting uber-excited over the comedy Mischief Manor, which will also be a vehicle portraying Lil’ Mirkk, and a movie that will prove to not only be humorous and hugely entertaining, but also offer those heartwarming and memorable moments we all cling to.


But what I have also talked about in the past is the heart of Lil’ Mirkk.  He doesn’t just have one, people, he has a huge one.  In fact, if Santa Claus did need someone in the U.S. to help him out and spread kindness and peace the other 364 days a year, Lil’ Mirkk would be the man he would pick for the job.


I spoke this week in another article about how my new favorite word has become ‘galvanize.’  I have looked into that word in-depth, and I literally love the fact that there are things and people in this world that have galvanized my own spirit – that have made me do better, think better things, and throw off that cloak of negativity or pessimism that comes upon us all during our bad days.  Lil’ Mirkk is one of those people who have done just that for me.  Trust me, with his songs, movies, and his spirit of ‘giving back,’ this man is also going to galvanize your spirits!


We know celebrities…or, at least we think we know them.  We see them on red carpets or at premieres, smiling wide with that look in their eyes that says that they would love to be anywhere else than in the throng of screaming fans. They write out their autographs so fast that you can’t read them, but it gives them an ‘out’ so that they don’t have to continue to stand there and paste that smile on their faces.  Boy, I bet they really disliked the invention of cell phones, seeing as that they now have to stand still and get pictures, as well.  Is this ALL celebrities?  No.  Many celebrities love their fans and want to spend as much time with them as possible, because they still realize that without them, they wouldn’t sell one movie ticket, or one CD.


But Lil’ Mirkk is one of those very few celebrities who not only doesn’t toot his own horn, but he actually won’t.  When he speaks, it’s always about being grateful.  He goes out of his way to help people – complete strangers, in fact – by taking time out from his own life to try and help others excel.  Quite literally, this is a man who spreads the peace of the holidays all year long.


Lil’ Mirkk is also a man who has known hard times; horrific experiences that he was able to rise above with his strength and belief that there was something better and greater out there than what he was surrounded by.  His power to change his life makes him a true icon that young people can look up to, and parents can be proud of.


Therefore, I wanted to finally give all readers who are a little confused about what the term ‘star’ actually means, a more definitive definition, seeing as that I now know what it’s all about.


So, in the simplest form, here is the best definition…


in·teg·ri·ty – possessing firm principles; steadfastly adhering to high moral principles and professional standards.


hon·es·ty moral uprightness: the quality, condition, or characteristic of being fair, truthful, and morally upright.


i·mag·i·na·tion – having the ability to form images and ideas in the mind, especially of things never seen or experienced directly, giving the world the gift of entertainment.


cour·age – having the quality of being brave: the ability to face danger, difficulty, uncertainty, or pain without being overcome by fear, or being stopped from a chosen course of action.


in·tel·li·gence – the ability to think and learn: the ability to learn facts and skills and apply them to all facets of life.


tal·ent a natural ability to do something extremely well – especially in artistic areas.  People with talent have an exceptional ability to bring joy into other people’s lives.


That being said, the definition of STAR is a person with integrity, honesty, imagination, courage, intelligence and talent!


The definition of Lil’ Mirkk?  A STAR!

Until Next Time,

Happy Holidays, Everyone!


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