Leaf-Peeping is Around Every Corner in the Northeast


Leaf-Peeping is Around Every Corner in the Northeast

by Amy Lignor


Believe it or not, leaf-peeping is just around the corner – every corner when you’re talking about the North East section of the United States. And even though you may still be sweating and enjoying the last lazy days of summer, it is right now when you have to plan that ultimate vacation that is all about slowing down and, quite literally, taking in the view.

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Although plenty of other states sport leaves and trees, New England has always been and still, to this day, reigns supreme for having the most beautiful fall-foliage viewing. When you think of the word “picturesque,” the landscapes of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Upstate New York in the autumn are the best definition of the word. Autumn leaves are not unique, but with these areas’ rolling hills, forested terrain, and quaint little towns nestled in between, you can enjoy the brilliant, vivid, colorful sites that define the true “leaf-peeping experience.” Here are the best spots to take a good “look” at while you prepare to choose where you will go for this relaxing, stunning trip.


When it comes to Maine, the top road trip entails getting on Route 17 and staying there. Beginning from the coastal city of Rockland all the way to Augusta, the state capital, this route is breathtaking, traveling around Sebago Lake and Baxter State Park. Perhaps you can even stop by Stephen King’s house and say hello.


In Vermont, you can enjoy a stunning ride along the 88-mile loop set dead center in the state, with Routes 100, 107, 12 and 106 as choices that will take you through Gaysville, Barnard, Woodstock, and more. You will also have the added-extra bonus of stopping (every five minutes, mind you) for some of the best maple syrup candy you have ever eaten.


The Hudson River Valley in New York State is one of the top choices for leaf-peepers everywhere. From the elevated panoramic view at the famous Point Lookout Inn located on the Palisades Interstate Parkway, you can literally see five states when the skies are blue. The “blanket” of leaves is stunning, offering every color of the rainbow.


The Connecticut Yankee is beyond proud of their old time country roads, including US Route 44 that heads through Natchaug State Forest. In addition, State Route 154 through Old Saybrook is a “can’t miss” ride that will have you stopping at a wealth of antique stores and historical sites as you go.


Just in this area alone, make sure to stay at that perfect Bed & Breakfast set in New Hampshire’s brilliant White Mountains, New York’s Adirondack and Catskill Mountains, or even the Finger Lakes region. There is literally no “bad” spots where leaf-peeping is concerned when heading straight through the North East.


Mother Nature seems to have taken a shine to these locations. They are always areas you want to bring your camera to in order to document the loveliness all around – before the heavy-duty winter hits, of course; then you want your skis. Prime viewing dates vary yearly based on weather. However, when thinking about your trip, make sure to keep in mind that autumn – on average – makes its first appearance in New England in early September. To keep track, the United States Forest Service offers regular updates on its website on when and where to catch the ‘best of the best’ in fall foliage.


Leaf-peeping is serious business here, folks, so expect crowds on those peak weekends, and plan now in order to secure those lodging and dinner reservations that you want to indulge in while you have the experience of a lifetime.


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