Largest Condo Liquidation Store Taps Retail Traffic

Jacksonville, FL – CondoOutlet, the largest condominium liquidation center in the U.S., employs new strategies in pricing and location to sell real estate in today’s challenging economic climate.  The location at St. Johns Town Center in Jacksonville is intended to tap into the 1.1 million square-foot retail center’s 10 million visitors annually.  CondoOutlet opened on Saturday, April 20 and will celebrate its grand opening at an event on-site this Saturday, May 2 at 4:00pm-10:00pm.
“People are not looking in the real estate section of the newspaper today,” says Roman Bodnarchuk, CEO of N5R.  “So, we are bringing real estate to them.  We located CondoOutlet in one of our nation’s most trafficked malls knowing shoppers will enter our condo store compelled by the tangible pricing.”
Conceived by N5R Realty Advisors, LLC – an international real estate sales and marketing boutique – CondoOutlet’s business model is structured like big-box warehouse stores such as IKEA, The Home Depot and Costco.  CondoOutlet is a 10,000 square-foot show room featuring two life-sized condominium home models and a liquidation specialist team to approve financing for buyers within twenty minutes.
Selling residential real estate at auction, short sale and foreclosure prices – without attending an auction or dealing with bank-owned property negotiations – offers a seamless way for people throughout the U.S. and Canada to purchase a second home, investment property or primary residence Bodnarchuk adds.
Condo prices start at $59, 900 with the Federal Tax Credit.  CondoOutlet is located at St. Johns Town Center, 4643 River City Drive, Suite 107, Jacksonville, FL 32246.  Store hours are Mon-Sat 10am-9pm and Sun 11am-6pm.  For more information, visit or contact Andrea Kalmanovitz, Director of Public Relations, at 602.980.2040 or  Photos and interview are available upon request.
About N5R Realty Advisors
Founded in 1998 by CEO and Principal Roman Bodnarchuk, N5R is internationally recognized as America’s leading full-service real estate sales and marketing boutique.  N5R helped sell out 20 projects (over 5,000 condo conversions) with a combined sales volume of over $1 billion in California, Arizona, Florida, South Carolina and Georgia.  Through innovative tactics, N5R set records for the fastest condo conversion sellouts ever, including 367 units worth $90 million in 90 minutes in Phoenix, Ariz.  N5R has headquarters in St. Augustine, Florida and Toronto, Canada.  For more information, visit


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