Improve Your Health With Eco-Friendly Style!

Improve Your Health With Eco-Friendly Style!


I want luxury!


I know…don’t we all, right? But think about it. When we watch T.V. everyone from those Housewives (who never do a bit of work in the ‘house,’ by the way) to those Beverly Hills tycoons who seem to do nothing all day but drive around with the top down on their Corvettes – seem to have all the luxury they can handle. My favorite was actually Robin Leach and the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” Now those people were cool. Forget silly things like Beverly Hills and Malibu, those guys owned palaces, castles and such. So they definitely won in the luxury department.


But another ‘top need’ of mine is to help the environment. Perhaps these two ‘cravings’ shouldn’t go together, but luckily (the computer nerd that I am), I came across a site that believes these two subjects CAN live in harmony, and quite well. From fashion accessories to pet grooming businesses and supplies – this company knows exactly what it means to enjoy the ‘fabulous’ life and save the environment all at the same time. And I wanted to share it with all of you…


The Green Register is the online resource we’ve spoken about many times over the past few months. And because of my constant visitations to this particular site, I have become more conscious and more aware of the world around me. I have also become more intent to do my small part to help the world so that my daughter can actually enjoy it for a good, long time. Recycling was one thing, carpooling was another – I’ve been doing everything within my own individual power to be a part of actual change. And because of all the information I’ve gathered and learned from The Green Register, I’ve been able to find everything from local environmental companies and services to nationwide campaigns to events that save the planet to the latest EPA information to the world of Hollywood going ‘green,’ and much, much more. So looking for luxury wasn’t exactly difficult. But then…I ran across a company that is far more than just a ‘seller’ of ‘green’ manufactured chandeliers – they are a company with heart.


As all women know there comes a time when we take a ‘day or so’ to sit back and complain. Yes. It’s true. Sometimes we whine. Most especially when the car tire is flat, or we have to mow the lawn, or take out the garbage even though we’ve asked the teen daughter to do it a hundred times and nothing has happened. And when we whine we either head for the chocolate, which is a soothing way to calm down, or we head to the computer and we run across something truly meaningful and exciting all at the same time. This is where LuxEco Living comes into play.


As an individual having a normal ‘Monday,’ I was searching through various sites to see what I was missing and ran across this company that ACTUALLY believes ‘luxury is not status and it is not material’ – it is the power to rejoice in vibrant health. I read further to see exactly what the company was speaking about. LuxEco told me all about the fact that real, true, meaningful health comes from MY personal choices that I make each and every day – from how I treat my body and mind to living an active lifestyle (so much for the chocolate).


This is a company that believes, as I do, that real health comes from looking around at our world and trying our very best to make it better. Everything from creating a safe and non-toxic environment to becoming ambassadors of rich ecosystems. In essence, good health – really good health – comes from nourishing our souls just as much as we nourish our minds and bodies. This is a company that speaks about love and expressing gratitude for each other and the world around us, and this is truly a ‘mantra’ that really ‘clicked’ with me. I recently had my own conversation with Mom and Child regarding the fact that everyone seems to be walking around with a hideous expression of disappointment or depression on their faces. Yes, the economy is bad, people are out of work, and we are stuck in a political atmosphere that is bringing us all down. I suddenly remembered when my grandmother had always said that her life was filled with “bountiful blessings” and I wondered where we’d lost that along the way.


LuxEco brought those times back to me; the true belief that comes from having a ‘healthy, eco-friendly, socially responsible and spiritually fulfilling lifestyle.’ In other words, if we have a commitment to the world around us we will become happier and live a true life of luxury in a worldwide ‘habitat’ that is healthy and perfect – A.K.A. a world of “bountiful blessings.”


Because this truly meant so much to me, I really wanted to put forth this personal article. I believe that embracing the ‘green’ is a stunning concept that many businesses and individuals have jumped on board with. In all industries more and more socially-responsible companies have made it a point to offer us the personal choices we need to not only help the environment, but also help ourselves attain far more happiness in our daily lives.

The categories you will find at LuxEco that promote the ‘green’ way of life, include everything from eco-architecture to artists, travel, pets, fashion, technology, food…the categories are numerous! You can purchase smart, ‘green’ products and never have to give up the ‘luxury’ that we all want. They even offer their very own “Seal of Approval” when it comes to ‘green’ products and companies.


According to LuxEco, their seal is not given out to just companies that are ‘currently in-style.”  They look at products that can out-last and out-shine all others and have a place in the future. Products that are simply a passing trend really have no home with LuxEco, because they value the fact that products can ‘go green’ and still have beauty, fashion and style. ALL companies must support eco-friendly materials, and manufacturing and production processes must have no negative effects on the environment.


Again…when you have those ‘down’ days, which a great many of us are having of late. Or, when you simply can’t find that perfect product that you crave that is pure style and class, yet not harmful at all to the world around you – my advice is to head to LuxEco. Not to mention, it is THE place to learn about how we as a society and a people can better our health by loving our environment!



For more information on LuxEco, head to:


For more information on The Green Register, head to:



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