Ground Floor Biz Op Breaking All Records

Ground Floor Biz Op Breaking All Records

by Betsy Smith


dsn-article_Page_1Just over a year ago, the marketing arm of Nerium launched and has been breaking records since. With Jeff Olson, known in the industry as the Millionaire Maker in place as the CEO and Dennis Windsor, President it was likely that Nerium International would be a success.  But no one expected the kind of success and real momentum to hit so quickly.

Nerium was featured in Direct Selling News when it was just months old, a first for that renowned Magazine.   Featured in Success From Home Magazine just months into its launch that publication is about to feature Nerium again early in 2013.  Beautiful You Magazine launched and chose Nerium as it’s first feature.

Then there is the sales record.  Last August, just 12 months in business Nerium had sales of over $11 Million with just one product!  Other stand-alone products like an acne cream, scar cream, body lotion and more will be next.  And sales each month are booming with year-end expected to set more records.

A big measure of success in the relationship marketing industry is the success of its distributors or Brand Partners as they are called in Nerium.  Amazingly in just over a year 200 people have hit the top title of National Marketing Director and earned the $25K cash bonus.  Several have earned larger bonuses like the $100K and $250K.  Nerium expects over 800 more to hit that level in 2013.

Amazingly in such a short time leaders from other companies are flocking to Nerium thanks to the expert leadership, breakthrough product, and ground floor timing.  But also, many of the new National Marketing Directors are newbies to the industry.  The proven and “keep it simple” system taking Jeff Olson’s “master the mundane” philosophy as the gospel have made it possible.  The amazing tools provided to Brand Partners are state of the art for any company but for a “start-up” they are unheard of.  Nerium has its own cloud, Nerium AP, video communication center, social media and more.

Loving, caring and sharing is the philosophy of the company and Nerium is attracting really great people.  The partnership with Big Brothers and Big Sisters exemplifies the spirit of Nerium.  Nerium corporate and its Brand Partners really are a team.

I think some of the success has to do with the genesis of Nerium.  No other relationship marketing company has partnered with a renowned Biotech company like Nerium Biotech.  Their amazing research will be funded as the marketing arm sends back 30% of its profits for continuing research.  And Nerium International has all the rights to any dermal application of the NEA-8 extract from the oleander plant which is the magic of the products.

Corporate never rests on its laurels and plans for 2013 will blow the doors off!  Watch closely, the future is bright for Nerium International!


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