Fish Your Year Around the Country


Fish Your Year Around the Country


Whether inshore or out on the open seas, fishing is a great sport, industry, entertainment – frankly, it covers all categories. And it’s no surprise where the best fishing cities are. One, of course, is not a shocker at all, especially after watching the gourmet meals served up on ‘Top Chef Seattle’ this past season which caused every seafood lover to drool.


In certain cities, fishing is a major deal and a massive part of the peoples’ culture who live there. In these locations bass, salmon, lobster, and all their aunts, uncles and cousins literally make up the 3lifeblood of a community. There is nothing more important or well-loved than casting that line and bringing in the elusive ‘big one.’


For any die-hard angler that sits in their home or at work wishing they could be doing what they love, this is one of those articles that will make you either weep or drool. Focusing on the locations where the fish is ‘King’, it will not take long for the reader to book his or her trip out of the snow-covered mountains of somewhere and head straight to…Miami.


Yes, Miami, Florida may be seen as the entertainment capital of the world. People think of Spring Break, drinking, contests on the beach – all the more youth-oriented gimmicks that occur. However, Miami also caters to the illustrious fisherman and woman simply by being located within a huge mass of both salt and freshwater locales.


Miami owns the flatfish. Most anglers will talk about how much they love this species that have both eyes located on one side of their head, with one of them actually spinning around as they head through the water. This species includes the more famous fish seen on a menu, from flounder to sole to halibut; and even though some of the flatfish can camouflage themselves on the ocean floor in order to avoid trouble, the angler is always able to catch one of these 400 species in order to make his/her day a good one.


Leaving Miami you must cross the country in order to reach the ‘Sportfishing Capital’ – San Diego, which literally plays home to one of the largest sportfishing fleets in the world. From fishing trips that offer excitement and adventure to the whale watching, nature expeditions and more – San Diego is literally the core of marine life. The Port of San Diego offers the most modern sportfishing, providing first class accommodations and unparalleled access to some of the most exciting saltwater sportfishing in the world. Not to mention, because of the port fishing popularity, the employment opportunities in San Diego will amaze – just in case you are looking to change jobs anytime soon. Tuna, billfish – even sharks make up the stunning landscape.


When it comes to the old Mississippi, there is one true location that calls out to the angler. The high population of the area composed of Minneapolis and St. Paul is built around three rivers – the Mississippi, Minnesota and St. Croix – which means there’s three times the fun for the fisherman.


And it’s not only the fishing, it’s the sheer beauty that brings people back again and again. St. Paul is known by many as an area that’s literally filled with quaint neighborhoods that allow a diverse range of cultural backgrounds to live together in harmony. Which is a lot like the fish, which are all different species that seem to thrive in the same water. Walleyes, carp, catfish, pike – they all live in the freshwater that’s just waiting to be explored. Not to mention, the area is just as popular in the cold wintry winds when ice fishing becomes a huge ‘thing’ to do. Spring and Fall might be nice for catching that elusive bass, but the ice fishing is pure and utter tradition that never ends.


And, yes, seeing as that ‘Top Chef’ was dedicated to it, it would be remiss to not mention Seattle – a city that, literally, has drawn hundreds of thousands to enjoy everything from the burgeoning technology industry to indie publishing to Starbucks. Puget Sound is there and is the home of everything from halibut to rockfish. But, in the end, it is the salmon that keeps the headlines when it comes to Seattle. Any picture you will ever see of this stunning city will always involve endless numbers of boats cruising the Sound looking for those 100 different fish species to catch and take home with them when their vacation of pure joy comes to an end.


I know what you’re thinking… As the time clock is stamped (or, the computer is clicked), and your are allowed to walk out on the job and face a weekend of fun, it’s time to choose. It is time to take that road trip where you can bring your rod and reel and have a grand time.


By the way, head out to those restaurants and order from those menus. Even though fishing and getting one yourself is the goal, partaking of that seafood is an absolute blessing that every angler should take advantage of!


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