Cyber Monday & ‘The Outdoorsman’ DO Go Hand-in-Hand!


Black Friday & ‘The Outdoorsman’ DO Go Hand-in-Hand!

It’s Time to Shop!


With all the incredible gifts out there on the market in this day and age, whether the gifts are bought in-store or on the millions of online websites available, there is one thing that is most definitely true: The hunter, angler and general outdoorsman (and woman) are going to be absolutely thrilled!


Many company’s are offering the promise that their gifts are ‘guaranteed’ to make hunters, anglers and other wildlife enthusiasts incredibly happy – and they’re not wrong. The one, however, that is very important when it comes to thinking about a ‘perfect’ gift to give, is a “Lifetime Sportsman License.” Many states provide that lifetime license which assures a resident hunter or angler that they will not need to pay for another state hunting or fishing license…ever again! They can do everything from nab their whitetails to cast for bass – whatever their favorite might be.


But…here is the part that all gift givers and receivers should think about. And that is buying a license even if you don’t hunt or fish. It is a great way to show that your little part of the world is absolutely worth saving. Why is that? Because the hunting, fishing and wildlife community have done so much in order to restore and recover wildlife habitats, it’s only right to show your support.


After that incredible gift, it’s on to the various items that your receiver may be thinking of, but just hasn’t said anything because they’re too interested in a specific rod or reel. Such as, there are things that the masters and mistresses of the outdoors need in order to just be comfortable. From gear like great gloves that will become their ‘must-have’ accessory when heading out into the winter cold, to the very best in binoculars that are needed in order to make a hunting trip beyond successful.


Good, dependable optics offer excellent operation and can scan great distances between hunter and target, which will make your family archer or rifleman (woman) extremely happy with that gift under the tree.


And with the great gloves comes the best boots this year. Warmth is essential in order to help the hunter take down the prey, so the top-of-the-line boots that will offer non-leakage protection – even some that have electric insert boot dryers – should be on top of the Black Friday ‘to get’ list. In fact, standing outside some of those stores in the cold, wet 2:00 a.m. morning, might just make you hunger for the incredibly warm boots far more than the hunter at home.


Now, if you’re loved one is not interested in participating on Survivor, and you’re looking for a stocking stuffer, Tinder Sticks from Zippo and a lighter which actually holds and ignites waxed cotton sticks that will make it completely safe and easy to start that campfire, are a great way to go. And when thinking about necessities, don’t forget the hundreds of survival kits on the market that should be found in all hunter’s backpacks.


Some of the top sellers that people are talking about this year when it comes to gifts, include the “Summit™ The Crush™ Series Viper®” SD Ultra Climbing Tree stand – which is actually a Bass Pro Shop exclusive! The state-of-the-art ‘dead metal sound deadening technology’ is A-one for noise reduction; QuickDraw™ cables are quick and easy to adjust; the RapidClimb® Stirrups; the SummitLokt construction locks; cushioned armrests; padded climbing seat bar; backpack straps – you name it, this product has it! And they even include “The Crush” hunting DVD and a Knight & Hale® call, which your loved one will go crazy over. Although I would recommend giving instructions with any “call” about not using it in the house no matter what day it is.


Also at Bass Pro Shops is the Ameristep® Brickhouse Ground Blind, which is amazingly stable in even the windiest of conditions, and the carbon-enhanced ShadowGuard™ conceals all movement from the prey outside. Shoot-thru mesh keeps insects away for the hunter’s comfort, and comes with a backpack carrying case for easy movement.


Now, if you’re headed into the ‘techno’ world for your hunter, one of the most talked about products is the Moultrie® Game Spy® LX-30IR 5.0 Megapixel Digital Game Camera. From full-color images and videos by day to infrared images and video at night, this is absolutely awesome.


And how about an outdoorsman digital compass which displays compass readouts on a digital screen showing bearing, direction and numeric degrees, temperature, date and time? Very cool!


If your hunter is still a bit young for the big boy/girl toys, Coghlan’s actually has their special line for ‘kids,’ with binoculars and optics for their very own. Sturdy and safe plastic, large lenses that provide serious magnification, adjustable focus dial and break-away child-safe lanyard – the under ten crowd will not be left out!
And, yes…we have to mention the people who love to combine their favorite sport with their video game skill. Thankfully, Sharper Image, is always around to offer that ‘crazy’ thing that will be a whole lot of fun. The “Duck Hunter Indoor Flying Duck Game” allows people to experience the hunt anytime/anywhere. You simply put the duck on the charger for ten seconds, throw it in the air and blast it out of the sky! As this one manufacturer always does with its one-of-a-kind/state-of-the-art products, they have made the blaster sound like a real gun loading and shooting, but only fires an infrared beam. Completely safe! The duck has actual wings to fly it around the room and a tail that can be adjusted to various flight patterns.


There…you see? There is a product literally in every category for the hunter/angler in your family, which is going to make this Black Friday a whole heck of a lot of fun. Enjoy!


And, from everyone at Sportsman’s Life, have a VERY Happy & Safe Thanksgiving!


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