Crossroads The Album that Everyone is Waiting For!


The Album that Everyone is Waiting For!

Last week I was unbelievably honored to become a part of the devoted fan base of STEMM.  AND, I was given the privilege of being able to introduce all of you to the most amazing rock/hard rock band you’ve, quite literally, ever heard.

This week, I am going to tell you just what you’ve been begging me to hear.  We are going to take an in-depth look at the album, Crossroads, which will be released by CATCH 22 Records on September 13, 2011.

As a brief recap, STEMM is made up of tremendously talented men who go far beyond ‘flash’ and straight into substance.  Joe Cafarella is the lead vocalist and guitarist for the band, as well as the founder.  And, I have to say, Joe is destined to join the ranks of the legendary ‘front men’ in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Although Joe always sang melody over the entire history of STEMM’s musical catalog, he took over full vocal duties on the incredible 2008 album, Blood Scent.  Prior to Joe taking the helm, T.J. Frost was the lead vocalist who was actually in one of the Twin Towers on 9-11, which is where the very poignant song, “The Day the Earth Stood Still” originated.  After T.J. left STEMM in 2004 due to a severe injury, Joe took the lead vocalist duties by the reins and has, well…reigned!

Alex Scouten is the highly talented individual manning the guitar; while Dan Nelligan is the artist who executes the drums with immaculate perfection.  And, no, these are not exaggerations in any way, shape, or form.  All you have to do is listen to five minutes of Blood Scent to know that this is a band who believes and delivers.  The fourth member, the unbelievably talented Steve Crowl, performed the deep, haunting melodies of the bass.  But, just before STEMM began recording Crossroads, he decided to make his exit.  His departure, per Joe, was and continues to be very hard to deal with.  Steve’s departure was nearly the demise of the band, until Steve took over and insisted that STEMM record this new CD.

I want to add a very personal note for the fans of STEMM who are beyond devoted to this incredible group’s power, energy, and almost ‘magical’ gifts.  Approximately a year ago, due to health issues, Steve came to the conclusion that touring and the ‘musician’s life’ was not the path for him, and chose to stay close to home to be around his daughter as much as possible.  From the fans, we want to send a huge thank you to Steve for all his amazing work!  We are beyond grateful that he gave us all the gift of his unmatched talent and insisted on the creation of CrossroadsAll our good wishes go out to him!

Joe states:  “This is still a heart-wrenching situation for us because he is family.  Not a friend, but our brother.  You don’t cross the country five times – not to mention, months and months of touring in a van – and not walk away with a special ‘bond.’  For us to decide to move forward without him took Steve, himself, to literally push us back into the studio to record Crossroads.  Which is why Alex wrote what he wrote when the CD was finished, and we were able to reflect on the outcome.”

I can write thousands upon thousands of words regarding STEMM’s background, resume, events, talent, etc., until I am blue in the face, but this article is a very personal one, honoring the extreme talent of these men and what they offer to the world.  Intelligent, insightful, unique…there are adjectives galore to describe STEMM.  Their appeal is vast; from genre to genre – from adult to teenager – STEMM has the power to engross and captivate each and every person who listens, and Crossroads is – in this writer’s view – the best of STEMM thus far!

I have been more than lucky in this life, as I received the Crossroads album yesterday, and proceeded to listen for hour after hour after hour.  I literally got lost in the music.  STEMM is the only hard rock band thus far in my life (and, I’m no spring chicken J) that makes my heart throb with excitement at the exact same time as my brain comes to life.  Their lyrics are so ingenious and creative that I can actually see what STEMM is saying, while feeling the intense shots of electricity that can only be compared to a brutal summer lightning storm in the South.

My luck also runs high in the fact that I was able to interview the members of STEMM and read answers that not only made me laugh at times, but truly think.  And after each and every one of these interviews, I not only could call myself a fan, devotee, and lover of STEMM – but I actually felt like family.

No, I will not give you a ‘sneak-peek’ at the interviews.  I can see all of you taking out your voodoo dolls and pins now, but you’ll just have to wait.  Starting next week the interviews will be unleashed, beginning with Joe, and then you can all experience the thrill of meeting these incredibly talented artists for yourselves.

This time around, I want to tell you about a member of STEMM who has written a deeply emotional statement that will be included in the Crossroads CD.  Alex has left himself bare, as well as all of the STEMM members, allowing fans free access to the trials, choices, and reasons behind why these amazingly talented men created what is sure to become one of the BEST CD’s of the decade.  I will offer you a “small” look at Alex’s words, but the rest is just something else you’ll have to “chomp at the bit for” until you race to that store and purchase Crossroads.  But, let me just say this, after reading the CD insert, STEMM will not just be known as the owners of extreme talent, but they will also be known as the owners of truly incredible hearts.


…Relationships, jobs and friends have come and gone, as we chased our dreams across the highways and byways of America.

…You might not know it to hear it but STEMM is a labor of love.  We’re a band of brothers.

(For the fans) …You carry us through every performance and inspire us to always try to be better today than we were yesterday


Yes, there is a great deal more where these snippets came from, and you will find Alex’s “ode” extremely powerful and extremely kind, as he brings us all into STEMM’s world with open arms.  Every song on Crossroads is an inspiration to US STEMM’s fans.  I am completely proud and honored to BE a member of STEMM’s family, and I hope Joe, Alex, Dan, and Steve understand that THEY inspire their listeners 100%.  And the powerful lyrics and complete and utter soul that Crossroads emits from every track, make us want to be better than we were yesterday.  For all of your amazing gifts, STEMM, your fans thank you!

Until Next Time, Everybody.


STEMM Show Schedule

**More Coming!

Stemm will be playing Georgia and Florida in December.

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