A Tribute to My Dogs

A Tribute to My Dogs by Quimby Lombardozzi My lovely Wilbur lies at my feet (as always) as I sit writing, despite the fact that I want him to lie on his bed where I think he’d be more comfortable, where he’d be better cushioned.  He is dying.  And it feels like I am too. […]

Remember the Alamo!

Remember the Alamo! Every year March and April bring to Texas bluebonnets, gorgeous nights and memories of Texas Independence.  Stories help you sort through memories and help you understand who you are in the world.  One story that does that for me is the Battle of the Alamo.  This was the celebration of the 176th […]

The Third Gringo

The Third Gringo Anyone interested in real cross-cultural travel or living in another culture has to face culture shock: that “Iloveithateitloveit” experience of dealing with real everyday life.  I lived in México for 20 years.  These reflections are based primarily in Latin culture, but really apply to any cross-cultural experience.  I have seen a lot […]

12 Issues You Need to Understand to Live Cross-Culturally

12 Issues You Need to Understand to Live Cross-Culturally In today’s article, I want to present some very specific categories, issues, that I have found either puzzle, worry or flat out scare some people.  I do not want to promote fear mongering, but help people learn how to sail around what seem to be the […]

The Edge of the Map

The Edge of the Map My name is Dr. Michael McAleer and I am sixty-three years old.  I love other cultures and peoples.  I love travelling and exploring new places.  These articles are about cross-cultural understanding and living.  They are meant to give simple, easy to understand ideas, about actually living in another culture.  Most […]