Olympic Athletes Endangered by Prescription Drug Side Effects

As if using illegal drugs wasn’t immoral enough, now athletes have taken to misusing prescription drugs to improve their performance as well. Turn on the local news on any given day and you’ll likely hear more than one story about a professional athlete who was hospitalized or even killed due to prescription drug side effects. […]

Prescription Drug Rehab and Sports

With the heavy pressure to perform, many athletes resort to overuse of stimulants and prescription drugs to keep going. Sports, especially team sports, are grueling and demand long days of intense physical activity during both training and game times. The average pro athlete uses prescription drugs in over twice the quantities of the non-athlete.

Romantic Getaway: Love is legendary in the Nation’s oldest city

Love is legendary in the Nation’s oldest city, at the luxurious resorts of Ponte Vedra and along 42 miles of pristine beaches. And now, it’s easier than ever for couples to find just the right romantic getaway to this special northeast Florida destination. offers irresistible values on romantic accommodations that are perfect for couples […]

Florida Kite Surfer Dies From Shark Attack

A kiteboard surfer fatally bitten by a shark on Wednesday died of blood loss, a medical examiner’s doctor said this morning. After examining the body of Stephen Schafer, Dr. Linda O’Neil concluded that Schafer was bitten twice, once on the buttocks and once on the right thigh. She said the bites, which were 9 to […]

Don’t Miss the Pro Rodeo February 5 & 6 at the St. Johns County Fairgrounds

The St. Johns County Fairgrounds will host a Pro Rodeo February 5 & 6. The action starts at 8:00pm and tickets prices are just $12 for ages 12 and older and $7 for students ages 6 to 11. Professional rodeo performers from across the Southeast will be performing in a variety of rodeo events, from […]

Orlando Cigar Company Offers Tiger Woods Endorsement Deal

“Orlando-based Corona Cigar Co. said it is offering the embattled golfer a $100,000 endorsement deal. That means the company is willing to have its name attached to a guy who isn’t even playing golf right now, so he can clean up his act and save his family.” Allison Walker/ Sometimes a cigar is just a […]

One-of-a-Kind Golf Lifestyle at World Golf Village

Spend the morning taking private golf lessons on a championship course. Visit the World Golf Hall of Fame and test your skills on an 18-hole natural grass putting course and 132-yard shot over water Challenge Hole. Spend the morning taking private golf lessons on a championship course. Visit the World Golf Hall of Fame and […]

Zach McKenna, Founder of St. Augustine Eco Tours Up Close and Personal with Judyth Piazza

Judyth Piazza chats with Zach McKenna, St. Augustine Eco Tours (Click here to listen) My name is Zach McKenna and I am founder of St. Augustine Eco Tours, an education based boat and kayak tour company. I grew up learning to be a naturalist on the waterways of South Carolina and Florida. My wife and […]

St Augustine’s Deadliest Catch is Fun for the Whole Family

Judyth Piazza chats with Nancy Ranquette, Alaska/Florida Seafood Crabbing Tours (Click here to listen) Alaska/Florida Seafood Crabbing Tours is the newest tour in St. Augustine, Florida. Mike and Nancy Ranquette take you out on their boat so you can be a crab fisherman for a day. Participants get to experience the life of a crabber […]

K. C. Petroleum, Inc Becomes the Golf Sponsor to Provide Senior Nutrition

LEADER IN PETROLEUM INDUSTRY STEPS UP FOR MEALS ON WHEELS The 19th Annual Cathedral Foundation Golf Classic to Benefit Meals on Wheels will be held at Amelia Island Plantation’s gorgeous and prestigious Long Point golf course on Tuesday, November 3, 2009. K.C. Petroleum, a leader in the petroleum industry, has signed on to be the […]