America’s Most Ancient City Celebrates Easter Weekend

Friday: April 6 Whale and Dolphin Lecture Join Naturalists Zach McKenna and Angie Golubovich, along with environmental Filmmaker & Author Hardy Jones for an exciting talk about whales and dolphins, efforts to learn more about local cetaceans, and ways that the fate of marine mammals and humans are intertwined. Attendees are encouraged to bring a […]

Live Like Tiger!

Live Like Tiger! With the Royal Golf Vacation Package From the King & Prince!   A bold and brilliant design marks this incredible 18-hole, Par-72 course that is the most stunning golf location on Earth. The grounds are unforgettable, as they bend around towering oaks, run along vast areas of tropical salt marshes, and across […]

Golf Tip of the Week

This is my first golf tip, but you will see it often.  If you intend on taking advice from me in the future, remember this…99% of all quality golf shots are struck with a flat left wrist (right hand golfers).  By this I mean, there is no bend, or cupping, in the wrist.  This ensures that the club […]