Two Pit Bulls Missing Under Suspicious Circumstances in North Carolina

by Denise Carey-Costa Every dog rescuer’s worst nightmare occurs when the dog or dogs they work so valiantly to rescue end up in the wrong hands or worst case scenario, dead. Yogi and Bullet were two male Pit Bulls rescued from Lisa Lewis Hendren a documented North Carolina dog flipper after a suspicious house fire […]

Bastrop Killers—The Brutal Murder of Defenseless Animals in Louisiana

 (The following story has been reprinted from Pet Rescue Report with the permission of the author.) by Denise Carey-Costa Bastrop, Louisiana located in Morehouse Parish boasts scenic drives and breathtaking views via its Chamber of Commerce. Their motto is “The city of spirit, pride and progress.” But something dark and sinister lurks among the scenic […]

Extreme Abuse Left Dog Nearly Dead in Louisiana

This story has been reposted from Pet Rescue Report with the permission of the author. In the wake of recent horrific findings at the Bastrop Louisiana Kill Pens in Bastrop, Louisiana another heinous crime has been committed against an animal; this time in Wardville, Louisiana.   And the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office is doing nothing about […]

The Other Side of the Proverbial Nest

  The Other Side of the Proverbial Nest by Amy Lignor   It is a fact that there are many good people (even if you don’t hear about them because of the horror shows bad people put on all the time) who want nothing more than to save animals in need. Which is great. However, […]

Diamond and Titan Victims of Injustice in Lee County, Florida

  by Denise Carey-Costa On October 14th, 2015 two dogs, both Pit Bulls were seized from their owners by Lee County Domestic Animal Services in south Florida. The dogs accidentally escaped from the home when the door was accidentally left ajar unbeknownst to their owners Michelle Westman and John Scott. During the time they were […]

Prejudice and Discrimination Causing Louisiana Dog and his Family to Suffer

  by Denise Carey-Costa In the summer of 2012, dog lovers and animal advocates around the world mourned the judicial murder of Tony, Wicca, and Lenox. All were Pit Bulls, all lived in different parts of the world. In August 2015 people rejoiced when Lefty, another Pit Bull was returned to his family after a […]

Mello Recovering and Waiting for a Rescue

  by Ernest Dempsey A 4-year-old male dog named Mello who is now recovering from his wounds and scars is awaiting a rescue to pull him from Orange County Animal Services shelter in Florida. Mello needs to be pulled by September 11, 2015. The Facebook page of Urgent Animals of OCAS writes: “Mello has been […]

Sadistic Killer of Puppy in Miami Walking Free

  by Denise Carey-Costa In most works of fiction there is the common thread of good versus evil. Inevitably the good guys always win and the monsters are banished. What about the nonfiction monsters? Those not created by an imaginative screenwriter or novelist? Those who roam among society undetected in the guise of “humans” committing […]

Poverty Leads Florida Family to Say Goodbye to Senior Pet Dog

  by Denise Carey-Costa Everywhere you look whether it is newspapers, magazines, or news channels the main stories you hear are: the unemployment rate is reaching an all-time high, and comparisons of our current situation to that of the Great Depression. People everywhere from all walks of life are losing their homes and their vehicles […]

‘Tony’s Tale – Tragedy in Arizona’ Wins at Gwinnett Film Festival

  by Ernest Dempsey A passionate and talented group of animal rights advocates walked up on the stage to receive the award for their film Tony’s Tale – Tragedy in Arizona, produced by Denise Carey-Costa based on her book of the same name and adapted for the screen by Joseph Costa and Denise Carey-Costa. The […]