Richards Rocks!

Sandra L. Richards The “Rice & Rocks” Interview with Kam Williams

Jahking and I!

Jahking Guillory The “Kicks” Interview with Kam Williams

It’s a Busy Time for Geologists

January 2016: The very first month of this year began with headlines about the hard-hitting weather in Australia

Chewing the Fat with Craig from Chicago!

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Morris Muses about Life and His Latest Offering!

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EltaMD® Sunscreen Protects Acne-Prone Skin

EltaMD®—a leader in dermatologist-recommended skin care products for every skin type and lifestyle—provides this cosmetically elegant, oil-free sunscreen for you! Cited as “a cult favorite among physicians”

Amazing Emayatzy!

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The Vanishing Brand

This roof was once a familiar sight that you knew you would see no matter

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