Big Help

We amble down the hall to the shower Me in the lead you with your walker Smudge in the middle tail high purr rumbling I soap and scrub and rinse you dodge flying water-drops Trip over the cat her nose poked in watching the show A quick rub-down with towel and lotion undies and shirt […]

Raising Ebenezer

Raising Ebenezer   Here I raise mine Ebenezer; hither by thy help I’m come; and I hope, by thy good pleasure, safely to arrive at home.   Beginning sometime in late 2011, people began going to a portion of the beach in Galveston, Texas and building things.  They began building cairns, stacks of stones.  It […]

A Prairie Rose

A Prairie Rose To touch the senses color to kiss the first Dawn Light. A Prairie Rose To Remind me that Love lives in the passing breeze. A Prairie Rose.

Mythica: Branding Myself

The cool thing about getting to write your own column is that awesome power of the blank page. What will Mythica write NEXT!!?!?!? Well this is my first time doing this and so far it seems that you guys like what I write so I’m just going to keep going. Turns out that it is […]

Mythica: Poetry Story of Who Will Win

Yes I write poetry, but there are stories behind the poetry too. I am going to share one of them with you today. Things and events in my life are what inspire my poetry. Early on in my year and a day of mythical poetry I heard about the Cherokee story of the two wolves. […]

Mythica: A Week of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is one of the few non-religious holidays in America. It is centered around being grateful. So I decided that every day this week I would write about what I am grateful for. Yesterday it was for friends who were helping me with getting inhalers for my health, and a reflection on that in the […]

Mythical Poetry, Another Introduction

So I have decided that St. Augustine is a great place to make a week long introduction. Yesterday I showed you chalk art. Today I am going to share poetry. After all it is part of what got me here! In case you missed yesterday’s article I will add the link to the bottom of […]

The Extreme Power of Social Networking & Digital Publishing

The Extreme Power of Social Networking & Digital Publishing Precious Gems & Be Wisdom – The Best of The Best! In 2007, as we all know, Amazon came out and launched an ‘e-reader.’  Many thought this was a joke, but there is certainly no one laughing now. Digital publishing and branding have become the ultimate […]

Las Vegas Comedian/Magician “Mac King”

To be a magician or comedian (or both) you have to perform for people. I started out just doing tricks for my family and then friends.

Actress Kimberly Amato with “Party Girl”

Kimberly was born and raised in Hicksville, Long Island. She attended Hofstra University and graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology.