A ‘Cool’ Trip Through ‘Old Hollywood’ is Offered in Starstruck by Rachel Shukert


Ever since the ‘Flappers’ series, it has been such a thrill to see the YA world turn to the past and unearth the extremely ‘cool’ eras. And in this new – completely amazing – book, readers get to take a peek into the ‘golden age’ of Hollywood…a time that was literally filled with true ‘stars.’ […]

Welcome to Goodnight, Virginia! What’s a Witch to Do? by Jennifer Harlow is FANtastic!


In Goodnight, Virginia there is a witch who has a seriously busy life. Between raising her younger sister’s kids who were left on her doorstep  by her sister to being the High Priestess of the largest coven in North America, Mona McGregor is exhausted. In her life she’s called upon 24/7 by other witches who […]

See Wall Street in a Whole New Light in Swimming with Sharks by Nele Neuhaus


Every once in a while a translation appears that American fans will absolutely love. This novel, written by a German author, has no problem whatsoever identifying with the American public, especially seeing as that the mystery is ‘homegrown’ in the U.S.A. For all those who love the financial game – the twists and turns that […]

Sugar in the Blood Book Review


Sugar in the Blood  A Family’s Story of Slavery and Empire by Andrea Stuart Knopf Books Hardcover, $27.95 378 pages, Illustrated ISBN: 978-0-307-27283-6 Book Review by Kam Williams “In the late 1630s, lured by the promise of the New World, Andrea Stuart’s earliest known maternal ancestor, George Ashby, set sail from England to settle in […]

A Haunting ‘Austen’ – Strands of Bronze and Gold by Jane Nickerson is an ‘A+’ YA


Talk about Jane Austen with a twist! In fact, this is one of those novels that offers the historical and romantic beauty of Austen, yet also provides enough spine-tingling chills for the most modern-day paranormal and suspense lover to jump on board. Our main character is Sophia. A good girl, she has lived a wonderful […]

Radical Book Review


Radical  Fighting to Put Students First by Michelle Rhee Harper Collins Hardcover, $27.99 304 pages ISBN: 978-0-06-220398-4 Book Review by Kam Williams “Why am I a radical? Because in order to live up to our promise as a nation, we cannot rest until we provide a quality education for all our children. If America is […]

Multiple Wounds by Alan Russell is a Psychological Journey Keeping Readers Enthralled!

CorrectMultipleWounds (1)

One of the things readers want more than anything else when it comes to their book choice is a unique story. Well, when it comes to this particular story, readers not only receive a fantastic plot, but they also receive one of the most unique and original stories to appear in a good, long time. […]

Angelina’s Angel

Angelina’s Angel

Angelina’s Angel (Robertson Publishing, 2011) is about a nine-year old girl Angelina who feels sad after her mom tells her they won’t be able to buy all the items Angeline wants for Christmas. But when Angelina visits her Uncle Marty’s workshop, her feelings change to happiness and excitement. What gifts she sees there and how […]

Edwin’s Flight

Edwin's Flight

  Interesting, inspirational, and uplifting – Edwin’s Flight (Trafford Publishing, 2010) by Denise Carey-Costa is an important book for children and for parents – particularly those having children with any kind of disabilities. It tells and shows the story of a baby bird named Edwin, born with a disability and unable to fly at first […]

Author Sasha Gould Creates a Sequel – Heart of Glass… That’s Even Better Than the 1st!


For everyone who read the incredible story, Cross My Heart, this is the sequel that, if possible, is even better than the first. Here we begin with Roberto – the Doge’s son – honing his battle skills with the love of his life, Laura della Scala. Laura is the young lady who solved the murder of […]