Ain’t Nothing Like Freedom


  Ain’t Nothing Like Freedom by Cynthia McKinney Clarity Press Paperback, $19.95 290 pages, Illustrated ISBN: 978-0-9853353-1   Book Review by Kam Williams   “Elected six times to the House from the state of Georgia, Cynthia McKinney cut a trail through Congressional deceit like a hot ember through ash. She discovered legislators who passed laws without reading […]

Welcome to Goodnight, Virginia!


  Welcome to Goodnight, Virginia! What’s a Witch to Do? by Jennifer Harlow is FANtastic!   In Goodnight, Virginia there is a witch who has a seriously busy life. Between raising her younger sister’s kids who were left on her doorstep by her sister to being the High Priestess of the largest coven in North […]

Beyond Psychology: Person-Centered Techniques Put You Back in Control of Your Destiny

Beyond Psychology

The following excerpt makes the Introduction of the book Beyond Psychology: An Introduction to Metapsychology, 4th Edition (Applied Metapsychology International Press, 2013) by Frank A. Gerbode. ~ ~ ~ In any discussion concerning help, it is necessary to clarify who or what is being helped and who is to decide what constitutes “help”. A policeman, […]

The Reader Never Takes a Breath!


  The Reader Never Takes a Breath! Introducing…The Enemy by Tom Wood   This is a truly great read featuring an unforgettable character named, Victor; once a hit man for the British, he is now obligated to work for the CIA.   Let’s just say that in the good old days, when Victor was loving […]

Barbara Levenson Strikes Gold Again in Outrageous October


  Barbara Levenson Strikes Gold Again in Outrageous October   The third is Levenson’s mystery series featuring Mary Katz, a lawyer living in Miami – this is yet another tale that no suspense lover will forget.   Most women can agree that it’s beyond entertaining to have a hot Latin lover, but when Mary Katz […]

Mountain Air: Relapsing And Finding The Way Back One Breath At A Time

mountain air

Holli Kenley’s Mountain Air: Relapsing And Finding The Way Back One Breath At A Time (Loving Healing Press, 2013) is a brutally honest personal narrative detailing a painful decent into relapse and a powerful journey back to recovering. The following excerpt makes the first chapter of the book. For more information about the author and […]

Not Since The Ripper Has a Serial Killer Been This Engrossing!


  Not Since The Ripper Has a Serial Killer Been This Engrossing! Author David Morrell Presents: Murder as a Fine Art   Murder may be a fine art, but this author has also proven that writing is the finest art of all – and he is the master of it.   No matter how suspense […]

Mister & Lady Day Book Review


Mister and Lady Day  Billie Holiday and the Dog Who Loved Her by Amy Novesky Illustrated by Vanessa Brantley Newton Harcourt Children’s Books Hardcover, $16.99 32 pages, Illustrated ISBN: 978-0-15-205806-7 Book Review by Kam Williams “The great jazz singer Billie Holiday, known as Lady Day, had fame, style, a distinctive singing voice—and lots of dogs. […]

In Bolero Author Joanie McDonell Offers a New P.I. Everyone Will Love!


The first in a brand new suspense series, the future bodes very well for this new character. In fact, it should not take long for readers to become attached to Nick Sayler, Private Detective. In essence, he is a bit of an odd – yet, cool – combination of other detectives readers have seen in […]

Loyalty by Ingrid Thoft is a Thrill Ride!


It’s an absolute thrill when readers get introduced to a heroine that is beyond strong. From Kinsey Millhone to Eve Dallas, the hard-hitting women always please, and there is never enough of them. However, with this debut author’s first novel, she has definitely followed in the footsteps of the great female writers with their determined […]