Spencer Simons Art Show

  Spencer Simons, the first place award winner from the 2011 Bozeman Sweet Pea Festival of the Arts has announced a showing of his paintings at the Bank of Bozeman. The show is scheduled from January the eighteenth to the end of February. The show will feature some of the artist’s previous works, including the Sweet […]

As We Usher in a New Year Let Us Not Forget The Angels of 2011!


As We Usher in a New Year Let Us Not Forget The Angels of 2011! A Tribute…   Soon we will all be singing Auld Lang Syne as that mighty crystal ball drops in New York City ushering in the New Year with all of its chances, goals and mystique.  That is the moment.  That […]

Usher in 2012 Correctly – Listen, Learn and Read All Ben Harrison Has to Offer!


Usher in 2012 Correctly – Listen, Learn and Read All Ben Harrison Has to Offer!   For months now, we have been speaking about the incredible Ben Harrison – who I like to call the ‘jack-of-all-trades.’  This is the man who writes incredible novels, creates magnificently entertaining albums because he’s one of those musicians who […]

Ben Harrison Wishes Everyone A Happy Holiday Season!

As most all of us across the country sit in our homes and look out at piles of that cold, white snow, there is a man who we have all come to love who is very much enjoying the sunny state of Florida.  Here, this author, musician, performer and gallery owner is creating books, CD’s, […]

Marla Mase: The Goddess on Holiday – Rocking at the Triad!

Readers, last week we ‘sat down and spoke’ about The Goddess, and how Marla Mase is offering the people of New York City a truly entertaining and one-of-a-kind holiday experience that all audience members will see as absolutely ‘making’ their 2011!  Unfortunately, for the rest of us around the globe, we will have to sit […]

Harrison Gallery Walk on White



Bodypainting: How do I get YOUR Job!?

Lion: Valerie Bussert Parrot: Damita Lee

I love sitting around with a bunch of new people and telling them I am a body painter. Some one always pipes up, “How do I get your job!?” I have to laugh at them. Besides needing to be talented, you need to respect women’s bodies. If you are just some guy who is not […]

Mythical Poetry, Another Introduction

Poetry is one of Mythica's passions!

So I have decided that St. Augustine is a great place to make a week long introduction. Yesterday I showed you chalk art. Today I am going to share poetry. After all it is part of what got me here! In case you missed yesterday’s article I will add the link to the bottom of […]

Mythical Chalk Art and Introduction

Colorful Chalk Face!

So how did I end up here? Well that is a great story. Recently I was invited to come to Sarasota Florida for a chalk art festival. I had seen a link on a friend’s page and got invited to come some eight months later. I thought I was just going to my first festival […]

What’s Happening This Weekend in St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra & The Beaches

    Friday: November 11 MARK ALAN COMEDY/MAGIC SHOW AT OLD FLORIDA MUSEUM PIONEER BARN Celebrate Veteran’s Day at the Pioneer Barn with Comedian/Magician Mark Alan. A hilarious family show you will be talking about for weeks. The doors open at 6 p.m. and guests can enjoy a patriotic musical tribute before the show begins. […]