Better Way Health Talks Seriously About Mother Nature’s Cocktail

Better Way Health Talks Seriously About Mother Nature’s Cocktail


A few weeks back we had a conversation about this incredible site’s line of water ionizers, and the response was phenomenal. One of the oddest things, however, was how many questions people actually have about water and the ‘need’ for it.  I know, I know – between doctors and websites and the news, people have said a trillion things about water and how much you should have versus how much you do have, etc.. At Better Way Health, they are committed to actually ‘cleaning’ the water that you HAVE to have in order to survive.


As a small recap, we already know that one of the most frightening things about our environment is our water. The pollution that has occurred in the past century has been beyond measure, and there are a multitude of companies and people who are joining the ‘green’ path in order to reduce our carbon footprint and work to better our lakes, streams, rivers, and oceans.


Better Way Health addresses this issue ten-fold, and offers a phenomenal list of products that have been proven to aid in the betterment of health and quality of life. Filtration systems with the newest technology in the land are just a small part of the tremendously effective and necessary product line that offers to all of us.  But they don’t just stop there.


This was a site and a ‘journey’ for one man who was frustrated beyond belief with the completely inaccurate and maudlin answers that he was being given from the world of western medicine. This company was formed by this man who would not give up simply because somebody in a white coat shrugged their shoulders; and THIS was the man who survived to see many more days than the supposed ‘experts’ claimed he had.


So not only did this man create a company that gave new products and the latest technology, vitamins and supplements to save lives – but he also went one step further and gave accurate information. I know, in this world accuracy doesn’t matter much anymore and that is why is such an icon among the world of healthcare. With Better Way Health – you want answers, you get them! And they’re right!


Water is essential for health and life. It’s not a thought or a recommendation – it’s a true and utter necessity. Think about this. Water is a major component of the tissues and cells of the body. Without water the human body will survive only a few days. No other nutrient deficiency has such profound effects. Did you actually know that the reality IS a prolonged absence of water:


  • lowers blood pressure
  • weakens the heart and
  • shuts down the kidneys


The body can store water, but only on a very limited basis. For the body to function at optimal strength the water needs to be replenished daily. The average person should consume 8 eight-ounce glasses of water each day, although other liquids (such as juices, milk, sodas, and teas) can help meet fluid needs.


It is very true that the elderly and young children are at the highest risk for water deficiency, and people in hot climates – particularly extremely dry or humid climates – can deplete water reserves. (I can attest to this fact as I live in New Mexico and, without water, this would be a very un-fun experience).


Water is actually called Mother Nature’s Cocktail. There are many nutritionists who insist that 80% of this country is walking around dehydrated. We drink far too much coffee, tea, and soda containing caffeine, which makes the body lose water. More troubling is the fact that when we’re dehydrated, we don’t know what to drink.


Water is necessary for your body to digest and absorb vitamins and nutrients. It also detoxifies the liver and kidneys, and carries away waste from the body. And when it comes to digestion, it’s just not happening without water. Fiber alone cannot aid proper digestive function all alone. In fact, without water as its partner good fiber goes bad.


Facts you may not have known? This even came as a surprise to me. Although I knew that the average 150 lb. adult body contains 40 to 50 quarts of water, and almost two-thirds of our body weight is “water weight,” I did not know that: blood is 83% water; muscles are 75% water; The brain is 74% water; and, bone is 22% water


Water is a true miracle worker simply because when it’s pure and free of contaminants – as it is with the Better Way Health line of products – water is truly the only wonder drug of modern medicine. Without any chemicals, additives, or anything unnatural, a steady dose of 8 glasses of water a day (ideally ½ your body weight in ounces of water) will:


  • Improve your energy
  • Increase your mental and physical performance
  • Remove toxins & waste products from your body
  • Keep skin healthy and glowing
  • Help you lose weight
  • Reduce headaches and dizziness
  • Allow for proper digestion
  • Help to keep you more Alkaline


Vitamin C is also a very important drink to place into your body, but Vitamin C will not replace the need for water, no matter how much you believe it will.  And sports drinks, such as Gatorade? Absolutely, they are wonderful for the athlete who is losing nutrients as they run, bike, etc. However, these do not replace the absolute essential need that your body and brain has for that precious water.


Finding was truly a personal ‘high’ for me. As the rest of you can attest to there are hundreds upon thousands of sites that preach the fact that they ‘know’ the answer. But they offer products and technologies that are not only unexplainable but are also highly suspect in some cases. And these ‘wonder drugs’ are frightening. My family just experienced fear with the one-time wonder drug, Fosamax, which was taken by my mother for osteoporosis until – all of a sudden, out of nowhere – it was said that this pill actually makes your bones more brittle. THAT is how I feel about wonder drugs – forget them!


All of us want a healthy and longer life. All of us want the chance to reach those golden years and enjoy them without having to be sick, ill, or in pain when we get there. Better Way Health brings us back to the basics and, again, not only offers products, vitamins, supplements, etc., but ALSO offers information that is true, real and investigated by a man who had lust for life, and was NOT going to simply lay down and take his last breath because a doctor didn’t want to delve any further into the issue.


I will continue to recommend that the rest of you out there who have not yet ‘jumped on board’ with, do so ASAP. Start getting the facts, the truth, and the best products that will make YOUR life last a good, long time! This is a decision that can’t be put off any longer.


Until Next Time, Everybody.


For more information:


Or, call: (800) 746-7640


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