Beta Glucan Can Help Protect, Rejuvenate & Reenergize YOUR Life!

There is a Better Way!

Beta Glucan Can Help Protect, Rejuvenate & Reenergize YOUR Life!


Over the past few months we have been uncovering, week after week, the amazing products that offers to the world. I have to say, the response has been overwhelming. The questions that are being asked; the exploration and research that is being done – everything shows that this world is in dire need and true ‘want’ of the products that Better Way Health provides.


Beta Glucan is the one we have been speaking about the most and, I have to say as a layman, I have found the in-depth information on this product to be outstanding.


I want to share a bit with you, because this story is one that millions of us share. No, I am not knocking doctors or the medical industry, before anyone gets upset. They have skilled, talented doctors out there and I have met them. In fact, a neurologist I was once sent to had the absolute ability and belief to understand that there are some things that just are unexplainable. He believed that there was no need to ‘experiment’ with millions of combinations of drugs or pills, etc.. In fact, if it ‘ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ came into the room – an old adage that is STILL very, very true. However, as we all know there are things that, at times, are slightly broken; or, if not broken, perhaps they are a little ajar.


Now I am a Beta Glucan believer, and I am also a believer in knowing my own symptoms. Why? Because they’re mine. Sitting in a doctor’s office recently, I was told that ‘this’ was going to happen. I should be tested for this, this and that. I should be put on this pill, take that blood test, yet…I had nothing wrong with me. Seriously. I had done a series of all blood tests imaginable and they came out great! So, the doctor’s advice was – retake them. Why is that? To SEE if perhaps the next time it would be different?


Ladies and gentleman, there ARE preventive measures that we all can take to be healthier and stronger, which then translates into living a happier and longer life. Which is EXACTLY what the founder of Better Way Health knew. He, unfortunately, had to go through doctor upon doctor who simply believed that being maudlin was the best way of helping him. So what did he do? A million blood tests? Take a million pills and just ‘hang it up?’ No! What he did was take matters into his own hands and, quite literally, saved himself.


There are so many of you out there who ask questions about Beta Glucan and how this can actually help your health. Recently I was lucky enough to receive from, a website that is literally focused on this amazing product, information from who should take Beta Glucan to what it can do to improve your everyday existence. The site that provides this extensive ad truly important data is located at:


From a personal point of view, I do want to say to all readers that the immune system is an issue that has become more and more difficult to get a handle on as the decades go on. Now whether that’s because we are now mostly a sit-down society, and every age group spends more time in front of their computers then out in the real world walking and exercising. Or, perhaps, it’s the horrific fast food choices that we’re all making because we’re busy and on the go. Or, perhaps it’s even the fact that the atmosphere is getting worse and worse with everything from chemicals to refuse being released into the air we and our children breathe. Whatever the case may be let’s face it, this is a world full of stress, tension and anxiety – which directly affects the immune system.


You will find at the above site very detailed information regarding the truths about Beta Glucan, especially when it comes to strengthening your immune system in a tough world. Not only that, but this is one product (and there aren’t many) that is natural. In other words, you don’t have to worry about blood tests, doctor’s visits, or ‘odd’ chemicals being released into your body. As I stated, the amazing research done on Beta 1, 3-D Glucan is all spelled out at the site above, and not only gives you a chance to DO something to improve your health, but shows through studies and actual scientific research that it WORKS. And this product is also one that, if taken with prescription drugs that your doctor has given to you, produces absolutely no adverse effects whatsoever. So you’re not hurting or harming anything that falls under ‘doctor’s orders.’ Not only that, but one of the most thrilling ideas that comes with this product is the fact that Beta 1, 3-D Glucan: enhances the effectiveness of many drugs, including anti infection, cholesterol-lowering, and chemotherapy drugs.


Finding out that one specific fact practically blew me away – especially with all the doctor’s advice I’ve been receiving lately. Having a strengthened immune system is a must! Honestly…this is as important as being able to have a healthy, fit heart.


Cancer – which is still one of the largest and most fearsome diagnoses in the world – sees benefits from Beta Glucan. In fact, there are even some patients who have reported that their tumors actually shrunk after taking the product.


Not only that, but Beta Glucan actually offers extra protection from radiation. Think about that! Everywhere we go nowadays we are ‘open’ to radiation. Whether it be from flying on a plane to the high tension power lines in our city, to the much-needed X-rays and mammograms that are given out every year. The biggest exposures , however, are two things that you and I can do nothing about: the sun and, the end all and be all of the 20th and 21st Century’s – a sea of computers wherever we go.

To have a product that actually offers protection from

these particular things is beyond amazing.


Add to all this the fact that the price is actually affordable (which is a sentence that you do NOT hear where the medical community is concerned) – and you have a perfect product that helps save lives!


With extra protection, the ability to reenergize and rejuvenate, and the extra ‘help’ that comes with the fact that when you take Beta Glucan you actually can recover from illnesses, surgeries, breaks, etc., far faster – than you have nothing else to do but head to these sites and make sure that Beta Glucan becomes a part of your daily regimen today!


Until Next Time, Everybody


For more information, got o:


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