Bart’s World


Bart’s World

 ~ Samantha Lewis

When it comes to deciding what is the worst, as well as the best, for the animals in our very human kingdom, problems arise. Very often people forget the Humane Society’s out there, the shelters, the no-kill establishments – all of these that work so hard for a lost animal, a beaten animal, or one who has had a difficult beginning and just needs to find a home that loves him or her. Although some roll their eyes, it is a fact that the animal part of the home is just as important as the child part of the home. An animal – dog or cat (or even others out there), turn into a child to the owner. The animal is a protector, a companion and, the ONLY one in the world to love a person unconditionally. So where does the protection end when it comes to the creatures out there? Answer: It never ends. And Bart is the newest in the headlines that brings this fact to light.


Bart - The Zombie, Miracle Cat via Tampa Bay Humane Society

Bart – The Zombie, Miracle Cat via Tampa Bay Humane Society

For those who may be unaware, or caught up in the glitz and glamor of the Super Bowl, a cat actually clawed its way out of a grave last week in order to live and return to its family. Did the family wish to bury the cat alive? No… But because of very odd circumstances, the cat was perceived as dead and gone to its heavenly reward. Rescue workers helped save Bart, who is now referred to as the “zombie cat” – although this feline should be referred to as the cat that literally proved that his species does have more than one life.


But the news does not end there. Sheery Silk, the Executive Director of the Humane Society located in Tampa Bay, told the news that she met with the owner of “Bart” for about an hour to discuss some facts that had come to the surface that she was “really uncomfortable with.” This turned the tale from an owner who had supposedly loved his pet and been heartbroken burying him after he had been hit by a car a couple of weeks ago. The owner believed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the cat was deceased and asked a neighbor to help bury him near his home. Severely injured, and not having any water or food for the last week, “Bart” returned from that grave after five days of being underneath the dirt.
The Humane Society posted the cat’s eerie, yet miraculous tale, on the organization’s blog. They most definitely titled him the “miracle cat.” Now, however, suspicions have arose regarding what Bart’s fate really was and the Humane Society does not want to return the cat to the owner, Hutson, who says he wants his cat back. Should he have him?


He has stated that he will go to court if necessary to fight the Humane Society because, according to him, he did nothing wrong and it’s his right to take the cat back home. In addition, Hutson’s neighbor set up a ‘page’ to raise money for the cat’s medical expenses. Now that thousands have been raised, people have shed a shady eye on the fund, even though the owner and his neighbor state that the extra funds will be donated to emergency veterinary services in the cat’s name.


Strangely, the Humane Society website also has a statement posted: that all of Bart’s medical expenses have already been covered by their own emergency medical fund. So, why the cash being taken from others with kind hearts who wanted to see Bart well? Add to that a YouTube video where a voice is heard saying the words: “He might not have been dead, cuz when I found him he was moving and stuff,” and you have a very odd situation that not a lot of people understand – nor do they feel that everyone is being ‘straight’ regarding Bart’s so-called death and burial.


Now…no one knows the truth as of yet, although the Humane Society is adamant that they believe Bart should not be in his former home because of his fragile state. And Silk hopes that the owner will surrender the cat in order for them to find a special needs home that will help Bart to heal and to grow.


In a world of pain, animals and children are the only outlets when it comes to love and comfort. When it comes to children, they are the only souls left to change this world that seems to be, according to every news flash seen on CNN, heading straight for absolute collapse.


There are places…homes…where children are being treated horrifically. There are homes where animals are being abused, as well. Bart may have a mixed-up and unknown backstory at the moment, but he definitely shines a light on the protection and care we need to focus on the ‘smaller’ people and species our world must nurture in order to survive.




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