Audio Powerhouse in a Small Package


Audio Powerhouse in a Small Package


The leaders in marine audio entertainment, FUSION Entertainment, have continually set the bar for stereos designed from the ground-up specifically for the marine market. FUSION stereos offer incredible sound quality and are specifically engineered to stand up against all that Mother Nature can throw at them. After talking to the team at the FUSION, I learned that the sound designers for FUSION are avid boaties and watersports enthusiasts in addition to being very passionate about good music. They realized that no one in the industry had developed a good stereo system for smaller trailer boats, one of the largest segments in the world and where many of our first on water memories were formed, so, they sat down at the drawing board, and STEREOACTIVE was born. STEREOACTIVE is a fully functional, stereo system with Bluetooth and USB streaming capabilities, AM/FM and Weatherband, and the whole thing is not only compact and waterproof, but it floats! Most importantly though, it is so simple to install with no hole cut-outs, no wires to run and can be used 365 days a year – even when the boating season is over.

It all starts with the sound, and for such a compact unit, there is a lot of it! The two 20 Watt 2.5-inch custom-designed directional speakers matched with the off-axis correction of the polycarbonate grille are protected in a ruggedized case that is perfectly tuned for powerful audio delivery in the outdoor environment. What that means is that the sound is clear and powerful, but that it is directed towards you, rather than in every direction. This is important for those on a tender or small fishing boat that need their music to compete with the sound of an outboard. A highly efficient Class-D amplifier incorporated into the unit delivers more power and a longer battery life – so you can enjoy quality music reproduction on the water for longer. The unique equalization via digital signal processing at each volume step, ensures warm sound and rich bass at low levels and no distortion at high levels, for consistent audio quality at all volume levels.

As we said, FUSION made STEREOACTIVE waterproof, and it floats. But how do you take that sound with you? The PUCK mounting system is a FUSION-designed solution that allows you to securely attach a STEREOACTIVE to any surface. With 3M adhesive, the PUCK mounting system can be attached to the tube of a dinghy, or it can be rail mounted, attached with a suction cup or even screwed into fiberglass or wood for a permanent solution. This lets you enjoy your music rather than worrying about your stereo floating away.

So once you attach STEREOACTIVE to your vessel of choice, what sources can you play? Pretty much anything you want. The built-in AM/FM radio tuner has a powerful internal antenna. You can also enjoy playback of MP3 media from a low-profile USB flash drive, kept safe in a really cool water-resistant cavity. It can also stream directly from your mobile device. Which begs the question, what do you do with your mobile device when you are on the water? Well, the team at FUSION thought of everything! In addition to the stereo, FUSION designed the ACTIVESAFE which fits just below the STEREOACTIVE to hold your phone, keys, credit cards, and cash. Engineered to fit perfectly onto any FUSION PUCK mounting solution, the ACTIVESAFE is a completely watertight and IPx7 rated water-resistant storage case that also floats. With internal volume optimized to ensure buoyancy, the STEREOACTIVE will float even when attached to an ACTIVESAFE containing your valuables. Also, for those that love to capture their outdoor activities on video, a flat mounting surface has been positioned perfectly on the stereo to allow for the mounting of a Garmin Virb or other third-party action camera. This lets you have all your valuables locked together in one convenient unit that you can easily take with you at the end of your adventure.

The dual high-powered lithium-ion cells built into STEREOACTIVE are reliable and have a long life expectancy, which allows you to keep your music playing for up to 20 hours. The 12 VDC input (rather than the standard 5V USB) charging means that STEREOACTIVE can fully recharge back to 100% battery capacity within 3 hours. This means less time waiting for a charge and more time out on the water. Going on a road trip? Don’t worry; the unit has an optional car-charging accessory so you can take your entertainment with you. If your smartphone is running low on power, the USB port provides an emergency charge system. You can also connect your Apple IAP2 Lightning Connector products and AOA Android phones to the USB port to enjoy audio playback directly from your smartphone while you get a charge.


So how does it all function? STEREOACTIVE is controlled with easy to press, scalloped buttons which are adjustable with the touch of a finger. The high-grade rubber over-molded keypad, as they say, is engineered to take a paddling. Garmin smartwatch owners can also control STEREOACTIVE directly from their wrist. Currently, supported watches include Garmin VivoActive, VivoActive HR, Quatix 3 and 5 and Fenix 3 and 5. You can also download the free FUSION-Link app from the Apple app store or Google Play store to enable Bluetooth control of STEREOACTIVE directly from your smartphone. App functionality includes the ability to set tuner regions, scan stations, set pre-sets, adjust volume and select your favorite music track.


For more information on STEREOACTIVE, ACTIVESAFE, the PUCK mounting system, FUSION or its entire line of audio products, visit



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