Analyzing The ‘Information Superhighway’

Analyzing The ‘Information Superhighway’


Way back when – when computer technology first began – the phrase ‘Information Superhighway’ was coined. And as time has passed by we have all found out, especially businesses, that this particular phrase was dead on correct.


However, the world of ‘analysts’ – a career that is based on being able to understand and dissect this incredible amount of data – is also an industry that has also grown. The world of social media has come the most important way for any-sized company to survive. Data analysis – Social Media Managers – are now a necessity in this world. They are the ones who are able to view the constantly changing markets that businesses are included in as well as competing against. They comb through the endless data on customers, locations, the newest fads, and more. And above all, Social Media Managers and Data Analysts are part of an industry that requires a 24/7 commitment to your company’s needs.


Simplify360 is a company that has honed the processes of inspecting, cleaning, transforming and modeling data with their ultimate goal being to highlight useful information, suggest conclusions and changes, as well as to support decision making of business leaders. Not only are there multiple facets of data analytics that must be learned, but there are also a variety of different approaches and techniques when it comes to doing the best job possible for clients.


The discovery of knowledge has always been important and certainly began far earlier than the eventual invention of computers; but that discovery, that breaking down of information in order to better serve the present day needs of businesses, is something that can not be overlooked. In fact, without employing data analysts and/or THE correct Social Media Manager, businesses in 2012 will close just as fast as they open.


There are research teams who have looked across a huge landscape of facts in order to show how a company performs. They measure the value of each and every division of a company and even delve into asset utilization, return on equity and market value. After looking at all this information, they have concluded that adopting a Social Media Manager – a true data analytic team – makes a huge difference in whether or not a company survives in today’s cutthroat markets.


There are a variety of different issues when it comes to breaking down data that some people do not even think about. This is not just about watching or reading Facebook and Twitter – social media goes much farther than that. A simple process, this is not. And it is not a job that any start-up company owner can do on a daily basis. In fact, even large corporations do not have the time to keep up with the constant stream of information and data that their business needs to dissect and understand in order to thrive.


Companies have to take a great deal into consideration nowadays, especially he fact that we are all dealing with a ‘global’ marketplace. Hence, not only is there more data in more fields, but also various languages come into play. Business systems (most) have been created with English in mind, however seeing as that data arrives and must be monitored from all sources around the world, being able to understand other languages is an absolute must for every computer system. Everything from training modules to flash drives have been made so that any data can be read and analyzed from any country. This is yet another reason (and there are a whole list of them that must be taken into consideration) why a company – small, medium or large – needs to bring a Social Media Manager on board in order to make sure that all businesses systems are set up correctly and with all areas of the world in mind.


The realm of social media is full of innovations and inventions that seem to come along on a daily basis. From research studies to overlooks of various industries, understanding all data and being able to successfully read, monitor and break down that data in order to increase a company’s ROI is no longer a ‘want’ for a business to succeed – it is a necessity.


Data also comes in the form of the ‘visual,’ which means a Social Media Manager must have the knowledge to be able to siphon and analyze meaningful data taken from video, photos, etc. – such as the ever-popular YouTube. A system must be put into place that checks on everything from market movements to copyrights in order to watch the industry and offers suggestions to increase the value of a business.


As we spoke about previously, there are numerous paths, sites and systems out there in the world and each one is growing by leaps and yards every day. In order for a company to gain exposure, build their assets, best analyze their competitors and introduce products that will build their value – Simplify360 is the absolute best source for all these categories. They understand and utilize the power of the ‘Information Superhighway!’


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