A Sound So Crisp It Leaves a Signature


A Sound So Crisp It Leaves a Signature


You’ve seen their stereo units on go-fast boats, sport fishers, center-consoles, trawlers and even tenders. Their award-winning head units and black box stereo have been selected by some of the top boat builders in the industry to provide customers with the best on the water audio entertainment. Their systems are known for daylight viewable displays, easy to use menus and a rugged design that is capable of withstanding the rigors of a bumpy ride, high temperatures, direct sunlight and the wear and tear of a salt environment. FUSION is truly unrivaled when it comes to marine entertainment. But the key to good sound is more than just a hot playlist and a good-quality stereo, you need bullet-proof speakers that can offer clear, crisp sound and that has the power to compete with the wind and waves and drone of an engine.

Enter the FUSION Signature Series. The pinnacle of marine speakers, designed by musicians and engineered by boaties, Fusion incorporates the finest materials with True-Marine™ engineering practices, to deliver a series of marine speakers that are acoustically stunning and at the same time robust. Pushing the boundaries of what is possible on the water, FUSION’s Signature Series marine speakers are designed to provide unparalleled performance even when exposed to the harshest marine conditions. Combining ‘CURV’ Cone composite technology with a silk dome tweeter and fully sealed crossover components, the Signature Series Speaker system is an impeccably-styled solution for a premium listening experience.

To give you a crude understanding of what all of that technological jargon means, you have to understand how speakers work. At the front of a speaker, there is a lightweight cone that historically was made out of paper or fabric. The outer part of the cone is attached to the outer part of the speaker’s rim, while the inner part is attached to a coil that sits just in front of a permanent magnet. When you hook up the speaker to a stereo and push PLAY, an electrical signal feeds through the speaker cables into the coil turning it into an electromagnet. The electromagnet attracts and repels the permanent magnet, moving the coil backwards and forwards. This vibration pumps sound waves into the air, and that is how music is made. In every entertainment system, you have multiple speakers or drivers to produce the ideal sound. Mid-range drivers produce the majority of the sound waves, while tweeters produce the high-frequencies, with sub-woofers producing powerful, rumbling bass.

So what is CURV Cone Technology? Through an innovative engineering process, a superior-performance composite cone in the driver was developed to deliver premium audio reproduction, while still being tough and abrasion-resistant. CURV is very durable and has a high resistance to moisture, UV, and extreme temperatures. For the high-frequency sound, a silk dome tweeter is used to produce a smooth upper frequency with increased efficiency, for crystal clear music reproduction. The dome tweeter radiates sound with a wider dispersion pattern, and silk tweeters tend to sound warm and refined. A crossover is an electronics device that takes a single input signal and creates two or three output signals consisting of separated bands of high-, mid-, and low-range frequencies. The different bands of frequencies feed the different speakers in a sound system. Fully-sealed crossover components provide full protection from the elements. On a boat, that is vital.

Every Signature Series marine speaker undergoes extensive environmental testing for ingress protection, ensuring they are prepared for the marine environment. The Signature Series boasts an industry standard rating of IP65 – this indicates the product’s protection against dust and water ingress. You can be confident that your Signature Series marine speakers are designed to keep rocking season after season.

FUSION’s top of the line Signature Series Speakers come in multiple sizes, grille and LED lighting configurations allowing it to be tailored to the boat owner’s specifications. Designed to perfectly blend with the decor of any boat, the discreet styling is suitable for both internal and external installations. Available in a choice of colors, the speakers are offered in a 6.5-inch, 7.7-inch, and 8.8-inch configuration. The Signature Series also includes a 10-inch subwoofer that delivers premium bass reproduction revealing new depths of frequencies. Comprised of a high tensile fiberglass-paper composite cone driver that handles a massive 450-Watts, the Signature Series subwoofer is undeniably the finest complement to any FUSION marine entertainment stereo. The sports styled speakers, and the subwoofer includes a dual-color diffused LED lighting option that illuminates in either striking blue or sparkling white based on the polarity of the wiring, adds to the aesthetics of any boat.

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