A REAL Haunted Halloween!

When you learn the history, you can almost imagine the icy cold wind numbing your skin as you walk towards it. You want to cry out in pain when the sheets of rain and sleet begin pounding against your back as if Satan, himself, is holding the whip. You can feel the storm increase, as if a temperamental ghost is screaming in your ear and breathing down your neck with each step you take. Each one of these moments is a warning to stop, to make you turn back and not keep moving up that driveway that leads to what was once the most frightening location Scotland had to offer. But this is Halloween. You can’t stop; you can’t turn back, because where you are is steeped in history, and may just be the one place where the Devil actually appeared.

As this holiday comes upon you, and the ghosts and goblins begin to ‘shine,’ just think about the complete ‘scare’ you’d receive if you were about to have Halloween at a home called, Boleskine.

On the shores that surround another legendary myth supposedly living under the dark waters of Loch Ness, is the estate of author and occultist, Aleister Crowley. From 1899 to 1913, this strange home was purchased by Crowley in order to perform the experiments that are found in The Book of the Sacred Magick of Abra-Melin the Mage. Crowley, himself, spoke about what he needed in order to obtain a ‘meeting’ with the Holy Guardian Angel:

The first essential is a house in a more or less secluded situation. There should be a door opening to the north from the room of which you make your oratory. Outside this door, you construct a terrace covered with fine river sand. This ends in a “lodge” where the spirits may congregate.

Just imagine walking through this long, low building which gives off a true feeling of evil; or, staring out the window at the old Gate Lodge, which many people say was used for evil doings. It was Jimmy Page, the owner of Boleskine from the 1970s through 1991, who said that the house was even haunted by a decapitated head. Perhaps something Crowley left behind…

As Crowley’s retreat during his time, Boleskine was used in magical rituals that concluded with the contact of ones holy guardian angel. The ritual was a long elaborate affair, which was documented to have caused quite a stir among the townspeople. If Crowley’s writings are to be believed, his experiments in magic were not successful, and resulted in some disturbing phenomena that ended up driving one of his housemaids mad, and leading to the house becoming haunted by strange entities.

There is even a graveyard situated across from the property, which may have had a reputation for ‘evil’ far before Crowley arrived. One legend suggests that a tunnel exists linking Boleskine to the graveyard, that is said to be the haunt of witches.

This pale-pink stucco mansion was home to this poet, novelist, and painter, but it is for his practices in the occult that he is best known, and his nickname of “The Beast” was supposedly earned! Even back then there were tabloids who dubbed Crowley, “the most evil man in Britain;” even writing fictional accounts of his rituals that included human sacrifice, devil worship and black magic. And he is still considered one of the greatest Briton’s in history.

So, was he able to summon the angel he sought out in the Highlands? Apparently not. Unfortunately for Crowley, he only succeeded in summoning bad demons. Stories of unexplained mystical occurrences in the area during Crowley’s residency are too numerous to tell, but the ones that still exist today are the story of a local butcher who accidentally cut off his own hand with a cleaver after reading a note left by Crowley. One tells of the unexplained disappearance of Crowley’s housekeeper; while still another tells of a local workman employed by Crowley who lost his mind and attempted to kill him. And, according to legend, a church once stood on the ancient site that caught fire and the entire congregation trapped inside was burned alive!

Many spiritualists believe that the geography of the area is charged with spiritual energy, but the house is now a private residence and no one – tourist or spirit -is allowed inside.

But to have the ability to spend Halloween night in Boleskine, surrounded by the demons that Crowley called forth, would certainly be an unforgettable and horrific experience! After all, the things that go bump in the night inside Boleskine may just be REAL!

Until Next Time, Everybody!

To learn more about Boleskine and the frightening mystery that remains within the confines of “The Beast’s” castle, read the first book in the Tallent & Lowery series – 13!

See Boleskine in the movie trailer for 13!



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