4 Reasons You Should Go Back to School

Going back to school is a daunting idea for tens of thousands of people. Whether it means getting your first degree, or continuing your education in search of that big promotion, it usually means a scary amount of time, money and dedication you may not think you have.

Why not think about going back to school online?

Set Your Own Schedule

Going back to school using the internet allows you one major advantage: managing your time. There is a certain amount of control when choosing your class schedule at a brick-and-mortar university, but once you do it’s set in stone for the foreseeable future. You’re also at the mercy of instructors, having to schedule a course around their available as well as your own.

Most online classes allow you the flexibility to invest in the course and the material at your own pace. Don’t misunderstand, school is still a considerable amount of hard work no matter where you get your education, but taking classes online affords you ultimate maneuverability. Morning or night, weekday or weekend, the college education you need is available at your personal convenience.

Be Near Your Friends & Family

If you’re one of the many parents looking to go back and obtain that degree that’s been just out of your reach, you obviously know how difficult it is to not only manage your time, but that of your family. Juggling work, picking up the kids from school, carting them around to soccer practice, going to their band concerts, and still setting aside some time for the occasional family meal…it’s exhausting! The last thing you need is to add one more commute to your schedule, several times a week.

When you’re getting a degree online, you work and learn from wherever is most comfortable for you! If you need to pause a lecture for dinner, or get in a few minutes of study time at work, those options are available to you.

Save Money!

A lot of adults looking to go back to school will already have an established residence and a very precise budget. They’ll already be grocery shopping for the family every weekend, and there’s no use for things like a college “meal plan”. Going to school online means no room and board fees, no extra money and mileage spent on commuting, and no extra costs for lab fees! While the actual courses you take may be similar in price to that of a physical university, the cash you save on the “extra-curricular” expenses is undeniable. This is a big selling point for a lot of people, as the cost of a college education is more than enough to make it seem totally out of the picture.

The Online Degree is Now a Respectable Path

The world of internet education has come a long way with the advancement of technology and communication in the 21st century. Complete lectures can now be uploaded and downloaded with ease. In some cases professors can even live stream an entire presentation right to your desktop from anywhere around the world! Getting your degree online can now be a full-fledged college experience; one that more and more employers are taking seriously.

As we get older, continuing our education can be an exhausting idea. But as the internet has taken over society, developing a life and community unto itself, the online education has become a much more viable and convenient option for those seeking to incorporate college into their already hectic lives. What used to mean uprooting your family and taking a huge financial risk can now be easy and accessible; done from the desk in your own office, or from the coffee shop down the street.


About the Author

Janice Lipton writes for higher education sites. Several schools offer online counseling degrees.


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